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Customer Testimonial

For the last 2 years, I used my John Deere 655 tiller a JD 2720. I also have a JD 1026R that I mowed with.
This winter I traded the 2720 for a JD4120. My plan was to use the 655 tiller on the 1026R, but I had to add front weight to the tractor before using the tiller. John Deere has a front weight bracket available for the 1026R. The down side to the JD weight bracket is that it bolts on & requires a part for the front quick hitch be unbolted & removed first. Then to use the front quick hitch again, the weight bracket has to be unbolted & removed, then the quick hitch bracket has to be reinstalled.

When I saw the Heavy Hitch front weight bracket for the 1026R on the internet, I thought this is just what I needed. After Greg confirmed that no parts had to be unbolted from the tractor to use the Heavy Hitch front weight bracket, I placed an order for one.

The Heavy Hitch JD 1026R front weight bracket arrived yesterday. It is very well built. After I removed the front quick hitch, it took me less than a minute to install the weight bracket. I loaded it with 6 70lb suitcase weights & hooked up the tiller. The tractor is now very well balanced & the weights are supported very well. Now the needs to dry enough to try it all out.


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