Customer Testimonial - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

Customer Testimonial

I spent a lot of time researching hitches and subsoil rippers. The Heavy Hitch appeared to be the best choice, so I ordered it with the middle buster knowing I would have to modify my existing drawbar to use it. Less than 2 days later it was sitting on my porch with some cutting, machining and welding still remaining on my hitch. I haven’t seen quality of that caliber for a long time. It was beautiful and matched my Kubota orange. The ripper tooth geometry was self feeding at all depths so no weight was needed. With the soil broken it tilled very quickly and I bolted on the middle buster. I did both my corn and my potatoes in a fraction of the usual time. It is super quick and easy to switch between ripper, and other implements and hitch ball. I now tow everything to the field in the trailer, pop it off slide in the ripper. I am working in five minutes.
Great design and great price value.

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