Customer Testimonial - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

Customer Testimonial

I bought the Heavy Hitch weight bracket when I bought my tractor in June 2014. Had planned on using the hitch to hang suitcase weights on for ballast to offset my front end loader. I asked about making a hitch that could hold more than eight weights and was told sure, not a problem. I can hang 16 suitcase weights on my Heavy Hitch. I usually have eight 70 pound weights and six 42 pound weights. Hitch works great. It’s always on the tractor. Only time it comes off is to mount the grass collector. I’ve used the tow hitch to move trailers, the chain hook to drag brush and the weight brackets for weights of course.

This past spring I bought the combo ripper shank from Heavy Hitch to use for breaking up my garden area better. Man is the shank heavy. If you break the shank you will no doubt have ripped the tractor in half as well. It’s that sturdy!! Took 2 minutes to mount in the 2″ receiver and then ran it 18″ deep in my garden before tilling.

Great company to work with. Greg answered my emails late on a Sunday night!! Imagine my surprise when that happened. Fit and finish are top notch, better than some on the tractor itself. Have my eye on the front weight bracket now. I have the John Deere one, but the Heavy Hitch one looks to be much easier to attach with no tools.

Thanks for the great products.

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