Customer Testimonial - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

Customer Testimonial

I splurged and got the Super Heavy Hitch for my 318. It. Is. AWESOME. Not only is it built in the US, but it’s the type of quality that you associate with that distinction. It lives up to its name. The welds are beautiful and the paint is flawless. The thing is so heavy duty that it’s like having a 7th suitcase weight on the back of the tractor. Easily well worth the money and one of the best parts I’ve added to my 318. Before I chose the Heavy Hitch I had considered an original JD rear suitcase weight bracket. Not only would I have paid more, but I would have had a bracket that could only hold weights and not double as a hitch. Plus, I’m pretty certain the Heavy Hitch is better quality.

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