Customer Testimonial - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

Customer Testimonial

I recently purchased the Hitch N’ Can and also have the Heavy Hitch dual receiver hitch with offset weight bracket. These products are great! The Hitch N’ Can works well to get a heavy trashcan to the top of my long drive saving on my back. I am so happy with the offset weight bracket. I use it with 6-70# and 2-45# John Deere suitcase weights on my 3520 with a cab. SOOOO much easier than having a 3 point implement swinging around and interfering with your ability to turn and fit in tight spaces. I also have the weight cart which works well to store the hitch and weights and move it around in the shop. These are truly great products and built strong if not overbuilt (just the way I like stuff!). Thanks Heavy Hitch!

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