Customer Testimonial - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

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Customer Testimonial

I highly recommend a Heavy Hitch for the John Deere 1025 with a front bucket. Several times with a loaded bucket, I had the back end of the tractor come up off the ground when I turned the wheels on a slope. Once it came off the ground when the bucket was loaded and I got off the tractor! My body weight was the counter-balance. The heavy hitch has given me the stability I need and the 3N1 trailer tow hitch gives me extra versatility in the field. I can add and remove weight as needed very easily so I can mow the yard without leaving tire marks and quickly transition to pasture maintenance with the bucket. You could just add a plow attachment to balance your tractor but what a pain that is. The Heavy Hitch goes on and off quick and easy. A rep at John Deere suggested I put water in the tires. Pfffft… I do not want that weight when I mow the yard. The Heavy Hitch Pallet Forks might be a future consideration but I think I would rather have the heavy hitch weighed down on the back and a pallet fork system in place of the bucket up front. That would be sweet to move logs and fallen trees. Perhaps the folks at Heavy Hitch can come up with a design for that. Look… Be safe out there… Get a Heavy Hitch.

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