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AHW LLC in Rockville, Indiana Now Offering Heavy Hitch Products!

We’re happy to announce AHW LLC in Rockville, Indiana is now carrying Heavy Hitch products. Visit them in person here:

420 N Lincoln Rd
Rockville, IN 47872

Or, visit their website at: AHW LLC Rockville, IN

Our Heritage:

Our heritage begins with Arends Brothers dating back to its founding in 1932. Hogan Implement Company and Walker Sales were both founded in 1973. All three families come from a farming background and made customer service a core priority of their businesses. Longevity and heritage, which is the foundation of John Deere, is also clearly embodied in AHW!

Our Logo:

The symbol of the logo is comprised of a sphere and two triangles. Each point of the triangle symbolizes the three original companies founding families. Two triangles joined together denote the merger of the two companies, Arends and Hogan Walker. The sphere encompassing the triangles represents our planet and AHW’s commitment to providing “World Class” service to all our customers.”

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