This is one of the finest finished products I have seen.

This is one of the finest finished products I have seen. If anyone has any doubts about the ease of hook-up and the ease of unhook, let me assure you, It is all there.. I wanted a rear ballast system that would do the job without me lifting a suitcase weight. My dealer didn’t know about the product til I told them I wanted my tractor delivered with the unit install. Needless to say; they also will be ordering more. Thanks again for a great product.

– Richard

I can hook to the trailer without even getting off the tractor.

I use the hitch with a platform that goes into the receiver. It is nice for picking up firewood and hauling around anything like bags of seeds or soil amendments. With the tractor’s 3-pt I can lower it close to the ground to load things onto it. I also use it with a ball to tow my 6 x 12 trailer around. Using the tractor’s 3-pt I can hook to the trailer without even getting off the tractor. This is quite useful if the trailer is heavily loaded and I can’t push it around on soft or uneven ground. Using the hitch with a trailer is much nicer than using a ball that is rigidly attached to the tractor for this reason. Overall I am very happy with the heavy hitch.

— Todd Huffman

This has been a great investment for me.

This has been a great investment for me. I like how I can move around my big trailer without fighting the drawbar turning. Yesterday I again went out and hooked up other attachments in seconds. I shot a few more pics of the HH using the hook to secure it to the quick hitch. On the JD IMatch I don’t believe the hook is adjustable. The quick hitch is a WorkSaver brand and with the adjustable hook and the other adapter that came with it I can connect to any 3 PH attachment without much hassle. The HeavyHitch connects up to the quick hitch with either the hook or the other adapter. Using the hook I had to move it up towards the top. If it wasn’t for the fact I need the QH for my ballast box I would sell it and just use the HH.

–Bob, IL

What’s the difference between a “Super” Heavy Hitch and a “Standard” Heavy Hitch?

Steel Comparison

I’ve had a number of people ask me what the difference is between the “Super” and the “Standard” Heavy Hitches so I hope this post will shed some light!  When we first started manufacturing the Heavy Hitch three point receiver adapter and suitcase weight bracket, we never imagined using it for other than moving trailers and holding suitcase weights to provide ballast, so we designed the Heavy Hitch to be the best built trailer mover and tractor ballast box money could buy…BUT…people began finding other uses for the Heavy Hitch…uses not figured into the original design…using ground engaging implements!  Knowing that a lot of us like to push our sub-compact and compact tractors to their limits, we decided we needed to design a hitch that would allow tractor owners the ability to do that.  Along came the “Super” Heavy Hitch.  SO, just what is the difference?  Wall thickness. The wall thickness of the lower tube which is a full 3? X 3? square with a receiver tube fully welded right in the middle of it.  We beefed up the wall thickness on the “Super” Heavy Hitch to 3/16? .  This tractor hitch is indestructible!  Remember, this tractor hitch is not made out of angle iron and flat strap!  Here’s a picture to illustrate the difference in wall thickness.  The “Standard” Heavy Hitch on the left and the “Super” on the right.

Now one may ask why not make all the Heavy Hitches “Super” and the answer is simple: Choice!  We believe you should have a choice and not have to pay for what you don’t need.  Both the “Standard” and the “Super” Heavy Hitch three point tractor hitches are built to standards higher than many original equipment manufactures, so no matter which one you choose, you’re getting a quality three point accessory.  Heavy Hitch…a quality three point hitch adapter for a reasonable price that isn’t cheap!