The Cat 1 Super Duty Hitch works great on my X748 John Deere... - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

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The Cat 1 Super Duty Hitch works great on my X748 John Deere…

The Cat 1 Super Duty Hitch works great on my X748 John Deere with 45 loader and light duty clamp on pallet forks. The hitch looks well made and very heavy duty. It is very easy to pick up and move around by hand and it will stand upright by its self which is great for storage. I purchased the Heavy duty version in case I upgrade to a sub compact tractor in the future. I was looking for something other than a ballast box (storage & hitch issues) and this fits my needs, found it when web searching for a alternative to a ballast box. There were a lot of ball hitch and received hitch but nothing with the capability of using clip on weights that I found. The tractor’s rear tires are loaded with Rim Guard and the hitch with 8 42# weights gives me all the ballast I need for what I do. I needed to move some items around with the pallet forks so I was anxious to try it out when it arrived, worked great. With the loader on the tractor I lost the use of my front hitch which I used often, now I can move trailers again. This is a great alternative to a ballast box in the flex ability of what you can do with it. The cost of the hitch and 8 42# weights is about double the cost of a ballast box but worth the difference to me. I do not have an i-Match hitch so this will stay on all summer. Dennis – MI.

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