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Finding the Right Three-Point Hitch from Heavy Hitch Is as Easy as 0, 1, 2, 3

Category 0 Receiver Tractor Hitch Suitcase Weight Bracket Three Point Hitch

In agricultural machinery, the three-point hitch reigns supreme as a crucial tool for attaching implements to tractors efficiently.  Having the right three-point hitch is essential for optimal performance and safety whether you’re tilling soil, mowing fields, or hauling heavy loads. With various categories available, it’s important to understand which hitch suits your tractor’s specifications and […]

Understanding Tractor Specifications: Series vs. Category

Category 1 Tractor Receiver 3 Point Hitch Suitcase Weight Bracket

When it comes to tractors, understanding the terminology can make a world of difference in choosing the right equipment for your needs. Two critical specifications often mentioned are the tractor’s series and its three-point hitch category. Let’s break down what these terms mean and how they impact your tractor’s capabilities. Tractor Series The series of […]

Fall Tractor Tasks Made Easier with Heavy Hitch Attachments

By using Heavy Hitch attachments, you no longer need multiple machines to handle your homestead or farm fall chores. Heavy Hitch has the American Made* accessories and attachments to turn your tractor into a ride-on lawn mower, crop harvester, hay bailer, mulch spreader and more. In fact, you can accomplish many fall tasks with an […]

Our Top 5 Attachments For Your Tractor

Working on the land is hard, but we at Heavy Hitch know that it’s well worth it. As writer and farmer, Wendell Berry says, “The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility.” By caring for your yard, garden, or acreage with tractor attachments, you […]

The 5 Top Uses for a 3-in-1 Sub-Compact Tow Hitch

After the family dog, some people consider their sub-compact tractor or ATV their best friend. If you love your trusty best machine, here’s a way to help her be an even more capable companion. Changing hitches to pull various trailers or implements for the dozens of jobs that it will do can be a frustrating […]

What Category 3 Point Hitch Do I Have?

Oftentimes I’m asked what category 3 point hitch someone has on there tractor.  Here’s a diagram to shed some light on what components make up the 3 point hitch system and how to determine which category 3 point hitch you have.  Remember, if you’re not sure what category three point hitch you have, you can […]

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