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Choosing the Right Gardening Attachments for Your Tractor with Heavy Hitch

From tilling to harvest, Heavy Hitch has a gardening attachment for your tractor to help you accomplish that gardening task more efficiently.

Choose the right attachments for your tractor to ensure the best gardening results.

Whether big or small, your gardening space can benefit from the proper tractor attachment. Sure, you probably won’t pull out the tractor to till a small spot for your backyard flower garden, but you could. Moreover, your backyard vegetable garden or full-scale commercial plot could get a boost from bedders and spreaders.

Many gardening tasks are done more efficiently with a tractor and a Heavy Hitch attachment.

  • Start with the right tilling attachment to dig up weeds and prevent their return.
  • Use the right cultivator sets to create beds and plant seeds more adeptly.
  • Make harvesting more productive and less toilsome with the multiple functions of the Heavy Hitch Ripper (HRA) combo shank.

Gardening can be fun or laborious work. But, when you decide to use your tractor with Heavy Hitch attachments and accessories, you’ll enjoy it more and be more productive.

Tilling and Building Your Garden

Tilling is the “bedrock” of new and old gardens. It is crucial to remove weeds and add substances to the soil. You’ll want to till down eight to ten inches to churn weeds and aerate your garden plot. Tilling helps facilitate fertilizing, pest control and preparation of your garden to accept transplanted seedlings or seeds and minimizes new weed growth.

Use Heavy Hitch Cultivator Sets to Build Garden Beds

Garden bedders or hiller attachments are excellent tractor attachments to build garden beds. Plus, you can use the 4-foot toolbar for “offset” chilling.

Raised garden beds and rows promote better drainage and reduce soil erosion, typically resulting in warmer soil and earlier crops.

Bed shapers and disc hillers are perfect attachments for your tractor to form multiple rows and beds with a single sweep.

Harvesting with Heavy Hitch Attachment Makes that Chore More Fun

The Heavy Hitch ripper or potato plow is an easy way to prepare root vegetables for harvesting. The HRA ripper digs deep to pull your root vegetables to the surface for easy harvesting. 

Whether using a KubotaJohn DeereMassey Ferguson or another great tractor, light-duty or heavy-duty, Heavy Hitch has the gardening and landscaping attachments you require.

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