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About Us

Compact tractor attachments and garden tractor hitch business and how it began.

It started with a new home on the bluff in Fountain City WI, but with that bluff view, we paid the price by having a 450′ long driveway that in some spots is more then a 25% grade. Needless to say, with WI winters, I needed something to go out and tame this ski hill so we could safely get up and down it. I purchased a sub-compact tractor and thought I’d be able to find a compact tractor hitch I could use with my Buyers salt spreader. I found some receiver hitches out there, but not the compact tractor attachments I was hoping to find. I was looking for something that could serve multiple purposes such as a place to hang my suitcase weights.

I also use my tractor for mowing lawn and know how hard a heavy piece of equipment can be on it, so I wanted to be able to remove as much weight as possible when spring would come. I was told to fill the tires with fluid since I had a front end loader, but that was a permanent fix I didn’t want in summer. I knew cast iron weights were the way I needed to go as they are durable and can be removed, so I got a set of wheel weights and suitcase weights, but I still needed to figure out where to hang the suitcase weights. I enlisted the help of my father-in-law Jim, and we came up with a few different garden tractor hitch designs. Each new tractor hitch design being a little more refined than the last and finally coming up with the design we have today.

Since I was unable to find the compact tractor attachments I needed, I thought there may be a need for this tractor hitch from others as well. I listed a tractor hitch on E-bay and it sold. I continued to list them and they continued to sell…that’s when I thought we may be on to something! I thought we should set up a website, but we needed a name. All I could think is how heavy duty our compact tractor attachments were built, so I thought of Heavy Hitch! That’s how Heavy Hitch was created.

The popularity of our compact tractor attachments design and quality has helped us grow  into a full-time business. We continue improving on existing tractor hitch products while coming up with new innovative compact tractor attachment solutions for lawn and garden, sub-compact and compact tractor owners. Heavy Hitch is now a leading source for lawn and garden, sub-compact and compact tractor hitches and accessories!

Heavy Hitch is an American Made supplier of compact tractor attachments, receiver style hitches and accessories for tractors with a three-point hitch. Not only will your Heavy Hitch have the workability of a 2” receiver hitch; but, with the use of suitcase weights, you will gain increased load handling with a front end loader and better stability moving trailers of uneven weight. Heavy Hitch allows you to add up to 600+ pounds of weight, helping you to take your sub-compact, compact and standard tractor to the next level with better traction, improved load handling and greater stability. Category 1 hitches are built to ASAE Standard S278.6 and are compatible with the John Deere i-Match and other brands quick attachment systems. Heavy Hitch is constructed of AMERICAN made 3/8” steel plate and fully welded to handle your tractor hitch needs for life. Tractor hitches are available in Black, Kubota orange or John Deere green…

Find out how our compact tractor attachments can add to the functionality of your tractor!

Compact Tractor Attachments Put To Use
Compact Tractor Attachments Put To Use
The Need For Better Compact Tractor Attachments

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