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About Heavy Hitch

Compact tractor attachments and garden tractor hitches

We are American Made

Heavy Hitch is an American Made supplier of compact tractor attachments, receiver style hitches and accessories for tractors with a three-point hitch. Not only will your Heavy Hitch have the workability of a 2” receiver hitch; but, with the use of suitcase weights, you will gain increased load handling with a front end loader and better stability moving trailers of uneven weight.


Heavy Hitch allows you to add up to 600+ pounds of weight, helping you to take your sub-compact, compact and standard tractor to the next level with better traction, improved load handling and greater stability.


Our hitches are built to ASAE Standard S278.6 and are compatible with the John Deere i-Match and other brands quick attachment systems. Heavy Hitch is constructed of AMERICAN made 3/8” steel plate and fully welded to handle your tractor hitch needs for life. Tractor hitches are available in black, orange (matches Kubota orange), red (matches Massey Ferguson red), or green (matches John Deere green).

Made in the USA compact tractor attachments

Our story: how a garage project became an industry leader

Heavy Hitch began in 2007 as the solution to one man’s problem. The man? Greg Parnow. The problem? Greg’s steep, 450-foot driveway in Wisconsin was about to turn into a ski slope with the first snowfall. To keep his family safe and driveway clear, Greg looked for a compact tractor hitch that could handle his salt spreader and suitcase weights. But nothing quite fit the bill.


Greg took matters into his own hands and teamed up with his father-in-law, Jim Schell. Together they designed a solution for Greg’s garden tractor that could be used for projects year-round. Through a few iterations of design, Greg and Jim arrived at the perfect multipurpose compact tractor hitch. Made of heavy duty steel, weights and attachments could easily be added and removed from the hitch for work in rain, sun, and snow.


Greg thought his ‘one-man solution’ might help others as well. Parnow recalls, “since I was unable to find the compact tractor attachments I needed, I thought there may be a need for this tractor hitch from others as well.” It turns out, Greg was right. A lot of subcompact tractor owners were looking for exactly the hitch he and Jim had made. “I listed a tractor hitch on E-Bay and it sold,” Parnow explains. “I continued to list them, and they continued to sell… that’s when I thought we may be on to something!”

"All I could think is how heavy duty our compact tractor attachments were built, so I thought of Heavy Hitch!"
Greg Parnow
Co-Founder of Heavy Hitch

Hitch by hitch, Greg and Jim’s business grew until they were ready to launch their own website. But the company needed a name. Greg chose to honor the first product that helped launch son-in-law and father-in-law into full-time business. Heavy Hitch was born!


Heavy Hitch today: a trusted Midwestern name from coast to coast

For twelve years, Greg and Jim steadily grew the Heavy Hitch product line to include Category 0, 1, and 2 hitches as well as attachments for plowing, digging, planting, and beyond. By keeping production in-house at their facility in Southeast Minnesota, Heavy Hitch maintained the highest quality standards that customers across the U.S. have come to know and trust.

“The product is so great it sells itself. You guys do a wonderful job. Thank you.”
Heavy Hitch Customer

After moving into their current facility in 2019, Greg was ready to move onto different endeavors. It was clear that Jim’s nephew, Terry Schell, would be the best man for the job. Terry operated his family business, Schell’s Precision Edge, in the same Winona, Minnesota facility as Heavy Hitch. Terry also brings extensive experience in manufacturing, welding, and fabrication to his role, along with a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer service that made Heavy Hitch an industry leader.

Terry has owned and operated Heavy Hitch since July 2019, with help from his wife Shannon and three sons. Greg even stops in to help from time to time!


Under Terry’s leadership, Heavy Hitch has continued to grow successfully into its third decade and now employs dozens of people who produce over 70 products every year.

"The goal for Heavy Hitch? 'Growth.'"
Terry Schell
Owner of Heavy Hitch

For family-owned, American-made, and heavy duty products, choose Heavy Hitch

Every single Heavy Hitch product is made in the U.S., from start to finish. Our family-owned and operated business makes the best heavy-duty hitches and attachments for compact tractors, period!


If you are looking for the workability of a 2” receiver hitch combined with better traction, improved load handling, and greater stability, check out our products. Any questions? Contact us. We’re more than happy to help.

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