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Compact Tractor Information

Whether you’re about to buy your 15-acre dream homestead or you already own a small farm and are looking into getting some equipment, a compact tractor may be in your future. Compact tractors play an important role in bridging the gap between lawn mowers and farm tractors.


  • According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, compact tractors typically have 7- to 40-horsepower engines and can power a range of tools and attachments. They are larger than lawn mowers but smaller than farm tractors.


  • Unlike riding mowers, compact tractors typically have liquid-cooled engines and heavy-duty tires to help provide the durability needed for agricultural work.


  • Compact tractors allow small farmers and homesteaders to use farm equipment and machinery on their land without having to pay for the increased fuel and maintenance costs of a large farm tractor.


  • Graeme Quick, author of “The Compact Tractor Bible,” says that the best place to buy your compact tractor is from a farm equipment dealer. Quick says dealers have informed sales staff, as well as service technicians and parts if your tractor ever has problems.


  • Read your owner’s manual thoroughly before trying to operate your compact tractor. Other safety measures include wearing sturdy shoes, preferably with steel toes, and keeping children away from the tractor.


If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQs or contact us. Want to find out what your compact tractor can help you with? Check out our hitches and hitch accessories to learn more.


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