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Disc Bedder Tractor Attachment

Disk bedder

Toolbar Diagram

Most gardens and row crops in the Deep South are planted on raised beds. In most cases, the best way to lay out beds is with a disk bedder, also locally called a “hipper.” Disk bedders may have two or three blades on each side; the blades may be the same or different sizes, depending on model.  A disk bedder can be used for primary tillage (operated on ground that has not been previously worked with another implement) or secondary tillage (operated after some other operation such as
plowing or disking). A disk bedder is an aggressive tool capable of slicing through plants or plant residue.
Notched blades enhance the ability of the tool to slice through plants and plant residue and make the implement more aggressive.
Some commercial vegetable growers bed up their fields in the off season and plant a cover crop such as peas or soybeans on the beds, then come in before planting their main crop and split the beds open with a disk bedder, burying the cover crop in the old middles under the new beds. The primary challenge in using a disk bedder is getting straight beds at the proper spacings. With larger tractors, multi-row bedders ensure proper spacing between beds; with a one-row bedder, it is all up to the driver. In some cases, it is best to make one light pass to lay out the beds, then a second, deeper pass to attain the desired bed height.

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