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Enhance Your Tractor’s Capabilities with a Heavy Hitch Bucket Tooth Bar

Tractors are some of the most versatile machines in the agricultural and construction industries.

With many attachments available, tractors can perform various tasks, from digging and lifting to hauling and mowing. One such attachment that can greatly enhance a tractor’s capabilities is the Heavy Hitch Bucket Tooth Bar.

“I am a John Deere dealer. Just got our shipment and it took 2 minutes to install. In the back yard for some test digging. WOW! Digs in and bites deep. It will be an easy add-on for our customers.”

Don, California

What is a Bucket Tooth Bar and How Does it Work?

A bucket tooth bar is a simple but effective attachment mounted onto the cutting edge of a tractor’s bucket. It is a series of teeth that protrude from the edge of the bucket, allowing the tractor to dig more efficiently through hard, compact soils and other tough materials.

The Heavy Hitch tooth bar is made of high-strength steel, with individual teeth that are replaceable if damaged or worn down.

The Benefits of Adding a Bucket Tooth Bar to Your Tractor

Adding a bucket tooth bar to your tractor can provide various benefits and enhance its overall versatility.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

Increased Digging Power

The teeth on a tooth bar help to break up tough, compacted soils, making it easier for the tractor to dig deeper and more efficiently. This additional digging power can be especially helpful when digging trenches or working on construction projects.

Improved Traction

When digging in loose or unstable soils, a tooth bar can help to provide better traction for the tractor. This can help to prevent the tractor from getting stuck or losing its grip.


A tooth bar can be used for various tasks, from digging and hauling to leveling and grading. This makes it a highly versatile attachment that can be used for a wide range of projects.


A tooth bar is relatively inexpensive compared to other more specialized attachments. This makes it cost-effective to enhance your tractor’s capabilities and take on a wider range of projects.

I purchased a tooth bar 10 months ago for my John Deere 1023e and this is my “go-to” piece of equipment. It will allow your tractor to perform jobs that would normally be difficult. The coolest thing so far was a ball of barbed wire that was partially buried on our land well before we owned it.

This was a huge ball of wire that was entangled into roots, rocks and other debris. The Heavy Hitch tooth bar pulled apart this mess and got every scrap of wire out of this place. It moved rocks, roots, and uprooted trees to make it happen. This is the most versatile accessory I have for my JD 1023e.

– Steven T.

In conclusion, a bucket tooth bar is a versatile and cost-effective attachment that greatly enhances your tractor’s capabilities. Whether working on a construction project or digging a new garden bed, a tooth bar can provide the digging power and traction you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you want to take your tractor to the next level, consider adding a bucket tooth bar to your collection of Heavy Hitch attachments.

What’s more, with a Heavy Hitch tooth bar, you’re getting an American-made product that will last. Get in touch for more information.

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