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Fall Tractor Tasks Made Easier with Heavy Hitch Attachments

By using Heavy Hitch attachments, you no longer need multiple machines to handle your homestead or farm fall chores. Heavy Hitch has the American Made* accessories and attachments to turn your tractor into a ride-on lawn mower, crop harvester, hay bailer, mulch spreader and more.

In fact, you can accomplish many fall tasks with an attachment from Heavy Hitch that will replace several pieces of equipment, which you’ll no longer need to store and make your homestead more efficient.

What’s more, Heavy Hitch attachments can be added or removed quickly and easily—in many cases, without tools.

Start with a Three-Point Hitch to Add Heavy Hitch Attachments

Whatever the task you’re considering, you might need to start with a three-point hitch** category 0, 1 or 2. The category you choose typically depends on your tractor’s horsepower, but check the YouTube video, Tractor Ballast: Heavy Hitch Weight Bracket or Ballast Box for (Sub) Compact Tractors, narrated by Tractor Time with Tim.

Mulching Made Easier with a Heavy Hitch 48″ Landscape Rake

Autumn can be an excellent time to complete landscaping chores like mulching, seeding, debris cleanup, and other tasks that are much easier with a 48″ or 60″ back blade/landscape rake combo (BBLRC).

The quick and easy replacement tines are made from 5160 high-strength steel, heat-treated (38-42 Rockwell) for more flexibility and better performance.

This combo comes with the 54″ snowplow blade made with heavy-duty 1/4″ x 2″ carbon steel (AR/400), which, here in Minnesota, you’ll need soon enough.

Both come with a powder coat that matches John Deere green, Kubota orange, and Massey red or black, that is environmentally friendly. These options are standard for most Heavy Hitch attachments.

Plant Garlic & Other Fall Bulbs with Heavy Hitch Bedders & Tillers

If you want garlic next year, you better get started now with a Heavy Hitch Cultivator/Garden Bedder/Hiller (H2TBD) attachment. Use this attachment to shape, ridge, and bed and cultivate your garden to prepare it for fall bulbs.

  • Create raised beds
  • Add sweep attachments for field cultivation
  • After primary tillage, prepare and finish seed beds and finish fields

Then, you’re ready to crack, plant and mulch. Again, you’re only limited by your imagination with these cultivator sets.

Use the Heavy Hitch Potato Plow for Harvesting Your Spuds

The Ripper/Middle Buster Plow/Subsoiler Plow/Potato Plow, better known as the Heavy Hitch Ripper Attachment (HRA), is the perfect tool to harvest potatoes. It has many other uses like deep soil conditioning, sod busting, wire installation, and more, which you can read about in our article, 3 Keys to Using a Ripper/Subsoiler and Potato Plow.

Steve wrote, “It transformed my little green tractor into a root ripping machine. I can remove small stumps with ease. I rip roots on all 4 sides of stump, hook under the side of stump, lift, and drive forward. Pops them out every time! Biggest stump so far was about an 8′ apple tree!”

These are just a few of the fall tasks you can do. What’s your favorite use of a Heavy Hitch attachment to complete a fall chore on the homestead?

* All Heavy Hitch products are made in the USA, some of the accessories that we sell we do import as we have not been able to find a local source.

** Heavy Hitches are designed to be used with tractors and the 3-point system on the tractors. Some customers have called wanting to add a Heavy Hitch to their UTV/ATVs, in order to do this first a 3-point will need to be installed. 

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