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Field-Ready: The Benefits of the Heavy Hitch All-in-One HRA Ripper, Middle Buster Plow, Subsoiler Plow and Potato Plow

When you need to ready a new plot of land for planting, nothing in your tractor attachment arsenal is as valuable as a Heavy Hitch Ripper attachment.

A reputable Minnesota company manufactures all Heavy Hitch products in the USA. We use American-made steel and certified welders so that you can be sure of the quality and durability of our products.

The ideal sub-compact tractor attachment for super deep soil conditioning or installing wire and water lines is the Heavy Hitch Ripper, Middle Buster, Subsoiler and Potato Plow.

Our ripper is four tools in one. Clearing unused land for gardening and building has never been easier. It uses Grade 2 bolts that are intended to shear or break when you strike something immovable or hard hidden in the soil, such as a large rock or boulder.

“My property is wooded and very rocky. I was surprised at the size of the roots and rocks I can pull out with the 18 inch ripper. The 28 inch plow is digging trenches. I use these with John Deere 318 Cat 0 3-Point, or a JD 316 sleeve hitch. (Hint) If you run into a large rock or a tough root, use the hydraulic lift to pull the rock up or snap the root off.”

– Verified Buyer, Michael King

It’s crucial to avoid tightening the bolts; instead, give the shank enough room to move freely. If you hit an immovable object, the 5/8 inch Grade 2 bolts will sheer and offer equipment breakage protection.

Additionally, ensure the bolts are spaced apart by at least one hole. In our article, you can learn more about using a ripper efficiently. Depending on your plowing requirements, you can quickly and easily adjust the depth settings on this 3-Point Ripper.

An Excellent Tractor Attachment for Laying Wire or Water Pipelines

Laying water pipelines or wire for new builds or replacements is easy and, some might say, a little fun. No more back-breaking work to bust roots and move rocks.

“Worked fantastic, I added a piece of metal conduit to the back to lay about two acres of invisible fence wire. What would have took days to lay by hand was done in a couple hours. Have since used it to break sod for a new garden, well built, no issues at all.”

– Verified Buyer, Mark Sanders

Built Tough

As mentioned above, all Heavy Hitch attachments are made with US steel.

“Wow, this thing is stout! Was expecting just a beefy box blade tooth but it’s way more. Cannot wait to drop this into the garden this spring! Our state champion pumpkin grower subsoils his fields, so I will have a go on mine! Man, I cannot wait.”

– Verified Buyer, Henry

The Heavy Hitch Ripper is a Perfect Potato Harvesting Tool

Use this Heavy Hitch attachment for planting and harvesting root vegetables like potatoes. You’ll no longer need to bust your back with a pitchfork to raise vegetables for harvesting. Just watch as your tractor plows and lifts them out of the ground with this tool.

“I found this to be the perfect complement to my rototiller. A pass every 24″ finds most of the things that I wouldn’t want to run my expensive tiller across. I like that it is easier to store than a dedicated 3-point ripper.”

– Verified Buyer, RJ Beem

The Heavy Hitch Ripper/Middle Buster Plow/Subsoiler Plow/Potato Plow is a versatile and well-built product for your tractor. However, be sure to order the right tool for the job.

The standard 18″ shank or the 28″ combination shank and 12″ furrower, ditcher, and potato plow with replaceable ripper teeth come in John Deere Green, Kubota Orange, Massey-Ferguson Red, or black.

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