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Finding the Right Three-Point Hitch from Heavy Hitch Is as Easy as 0, 1, 2, 3

Category 0 Receiver Tractor Hitch Suitcase Weight Bracket Three Point Hitch

In agricultural machinery, the three-point hitch reigns supreme as a crucial tool for attaching implements to tractors efficiently. 

Having the right three-point hitch is essential for optimal performance and safety whether you’re tilling soil, mowing fields, or hauling heavy loads. With various categories available, it’s important to understand which hitch suits your tractor’s specifications and what your specific needs are. 

Let’s examine which three-point hitch is best for your tractor and how to order the right one from Heavy Hitch. 

Understanding Three-Point Hitch Categories

The three-point hitch system categorizes hitches based on their compatibility with different tractor sizes and horsepower ratings.  

The categories range from 0 to 3 with each category designed for a specific range of tractor sizes and power capabilities:

Category 0 Three-Point Hitches: Suitable for smaller tractors with up to 20 horsepower (HP), Category 0 hitches are compact and robust. They provide excellent stability and control for light to medium-duty applications such as landscaping, gardening, and tilling.

Category 1 Three-Point Hitches: Slightly larger and more versatile, Category 1 hitches are designed for tractors with up to 45 HP. These offer increased lifting capacity and compatibility with a wider range of implements, making them ideal for various farming tasks, including mowing, plowing, and hauling.

Category 2 Three-Point Hitches: Designed to accommodate tractors with power ranging from 40 to 100 HP, Category 2 hitches offer enhanced strength and versatility compared to their smaller counterparts. With increased lifting capacity and durability, these hitches can handle various heavy-duty implements and attachments. Heavy Hitch ensures that their Category 2 hitches are engineered to the highest standards, utilizing quality materials (US Steel) and precision craftsmanship to deliver reliable performance.

Category 3 Three-Point Hitches: Fitting most tractors with over 100 HP, Category 3 three-point hitches are engineered to meet the demands of high-powered machinery and intensive operations. 

Heavy Hitch: The Go-To Source for Quality Three-Point Hitches

When it comes to reliable and durable three-point hitches, Heavy Hitch stands out as a trusted manufacturer with a reputation for excellence. 

Engineered to precision in the USA using high-quality US Steel, Heavy Hitch’s Category 0, 1, 2, and 3 hitches are designed to fit your tractors. 

Whether you own a John Deere, Ferguson-Massey, Kubota, or another fine tractor, Heavy Hitch likely has the three-point hitch with the right fit and in the right color for your tractor. 

What Category Will Fit My Tractor?

Determining the appropriate category of three-point hitch for your tractor is crucial to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to assess two key measurements: The diameter of the pin and the lower point span.

Diameter of the Pin: Measure the diameter of the hitch pins on your tractor. This measurement corresponds to the size of the hitch’s mounting points, which must match the specifications of the selected three-point hitch category. 

Lower Point Span: Measure the distance between the lower hitch points on your tractor. This measurement determines the width between the two lower arms of the hitch. 

Read our hitch guide for more information on how to determine the proper category of your tractor. 

Additionally, consulting with a knowledgeable Heavy Hitch dealer can provide valuable guidance and assistance in selecting the right hitch for your specific tractor model and application requirements.

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