Have you always wanted to have your own garden, but weren’t quite sure where to start? There are many options when it comes to a garden on your property, from raised beds, hydroponic systems, and more. If you have the land available, creating an in-ground garden with simple garden beds is an easy way to start.

Plus, growing your plants directly in the ground can have a few benefits, including:

Creating the rows for your garden can be fairly easy as well, if you have the right tools. We recommend using a garden bedder attachment – also known as a hiller – on your tractor to dig your beds for you.

Simply attach the garden bedder to your tractor and when pulled, the disks will create hills for your seeds. In addition, this attachment can help shape, ridge and cultivate your garden rows. Typically, the shank spacing on a garden bedder can also be adjusted to meet different row and crop spacing needs.

Once you’ve established your garden beds, sew your seeds and watch your garden grow! To learn more about Heavy Hitch’s options for crop and garden attachments, click on a click below:

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