Great piece of gear, worked like a charm. - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

Great piece of gear, worked like a charm.

Well believe it or not I finally plowed the cable in this morning. I had to have my Brother stand on the hitch for added weight, 260lbs, as the 3 pt. just didn’t have any down force. It did a great job in the grassy areas. I had to go over the gravel driveway about 4 times progressively deeper each time. The best result though is 4 wheel drive engaged, driving the slowest you can and having a heavy weight(person) on the back. It didn’t even feel like it was working hard at all.

We used a finger for pulling cable attached just above the blade on the ripper and secured it with a hose clamp to ensure it would not ride up. Went great, now I have to wait for my contractor to finish siding the shed before I drill and install the sweep and pvc riser. I know I could do it now but will let him finish the siding before I install the electricity that way I can ensure it meets my needs.

Great piece of gear, worked like a charm.-Robert, Albert Lea, MN

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