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Heavy Hitch Attachment Tips for New Tractor Owners

New tractor owners may be overwhelmed by the vast array of tractor attachments and accessories and knowing which attachments are best for the chores they need to get done.

The truth is that Heavy Hitch has an attachment to fit your John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Kubota, or other quality tractors.

Heavy Hitch Accessories & Attachments

Your first choice of attachments might be a Heavy Hitch 3-Point Hitch.

The 3-point hitch is crucial for almost every tractor to receive and facilitate other attachments. This hitch is used to hook up many other attachments, such as plows and agricultural implements, to your tractor. Plus, it will give your tractor more traction.

When you’re unsure of which attachment best suits the chore you have scheduled, check our blog posts:

Reading through our complete list of blog posts will give you a better understanding of what attachments and accessories we offer and what some of their capabilities are.

On the other hand, if you know which attachment you’re looking for, shop the Heavy Hitch all products page.

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Always use the proper size bushing set, link pin, and security clip for safe operations.

Tips for Safely Hooking an Attachment to Your Tractor

An essential thing to keep in mind when attaching any implement to your tractor is always to use the tractor’s drawbar or 3-point hitch to maintain the correct center of gravity.

Hooking up to the drawbar permits baseline stability. Some might think hooking a chain or rope higher up on the tractor will give you more leverage, but that could cause a backward flip over or overturn your tractor.

Therefore, the pull angle should be preserved by hitching only to the tractor’s drawbar. The tractor’s drawbar is the only safe place to hook up attachments.

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