Testimonials - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments


Here are some of the testimonials our customers have sent in to us.


These videos were unsolicited and produced by actual Heavy Hitch owners on their own accord. We were so happy to see them on YouTube we thought we would share them with you here.

Great Job on this Toothbar, it is out of this world! digs great, no problem to install, great job! should of got code from youtube for 5% off.


Great product packed well and shipped fast w/ tracking.


I ordered my toothbar for my 2017 John Deere 2038R a month or so ago. Received it very quickly. It is built like a tank. The screws are thick and strong. Pregreased so they tightened down easily. Turns my little tractor into a digging machine! Not only does it cut thru dirt easily, but it is great for those basketball size and bigger rocks you unearth from time to time. Just place a tooth underneath it and roll your bucket back. Flops them right out. Love this thing!

Took a chance and bought the $99 standard shank to loosen clay soil in my yard. This thing is built on old American standards – well made, solid materials – and does exactly what it is supposed to. The only thing I didn’t see in the package was a piece of paper advising which grade of bolt to replace the sacrificial one with should the ripper hook into a large root or rock, and shear, as it is designed to – but I just took it the local farm store and matched the grade code on the hexhead. Glad I did not but the one at the local tractor store – reviews of those indicated they bent easily or simply broke – and cost more!

100% full satisfied customer. If you need a ripper/subsoiler – LOOK NO FURTHER!


I am so glad I got my heavy-hitch for moving around my boat, camper and trailers. Greg was a pleasure to deal with in answering my questions and helping me get the correct hitch. This was probably the best online purchase I have ever made from order to receiving. Thanks


The Heavy Hitch has made life easier especially with the trash can lifter. Also, I am able to move a larger trailer around without hooking up to my truck and I can move the trailer around without getting off the tractor. This is probably one of the best purchases made. Looking forward to see what else they will come up with.


Heavy Hitch and Combo Cart with Wheels. I have owned the Heavy Hitch for some time and it has been on my Kubota B7510 most of the time. I added a total of about 400 lbs to offset the FEL. Since I live in a mountainous region of Western North Carolina, I gain the added advantage of lowering the center of gravity for my tractor since some of my trails approach a 15 degree incline according to my slope indicator. But on the rare occasion that I needed to remove the Heavy Hitch and suitcase weights, I finally decided to purchase a Combo Cart with Wheels, (Kubota Orange of course – nice to have a choice). As a retired machinist/CNC programmer, I have been around prototype machinery building for some 30+ years and truly appreciate when someone takes the time to care about fit and finish as well as function. An old timer once told me that the finished product is your signature and the folks at Heavy Hitch have a beautiful signature – no sharp edges, closed end tubing on the combo cart and a surface finish as nice as the hood on my Kubota. Now that’s what “Made in America” used to mean and it still does at Heavy Hitch. Nice job!

Hey Greg, I have to tell you that in today’s day an age I am so use to being disappointed with quality and customer support when I purchase an item that when I received my super quick hitch I was blown away. The quality and workmanship is superior and second to none! Your product is worth every nickel you charge and your customer support is fantastic. I received an email immediately when I place my order and tracking information within 24 hours. Several days later I received my hitch in perfect condition. This hitch will be used for generations on our small family farm.

As your company grows, and it will, please continue to conduct business exactly the way you do now. I plan on purchasing a few more accessories for my hitch. Hopefully you will produce other three point implements for compact and sub-compact tractors. I can tell you with certainty that your companies reputation for quality will sell anything you produce. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing your new products and watching you grow.

Ross Licitra
Shallow Brook Farm
Morganville, NJ


I received my Heavy Hitch and installed it on my new new Kubota 1860. The only additional component I needed to purchase was the top link pin, the ball and mount, and the ball pin. The Heavy Hitch did exactly what I needed. I have several trailers that I need to move around for landscaping purposes and the Heavy Hitch made quick work of hitching up the trailers and maneuvering them in tight places.

Wow ! I am impressed -especially with the build quality and precision. The weld beads are some of the best I have seen ! Packaging for shipping was very thorough,nary a scratch on the paint. Great product ,very versatile with the different accessories. Use the Hitch n Can every week.Overall fit and finish of the product first class. Thank you!

Tim B.