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1025r John Deere Attachments

If you're a new homeowner, land maintenance is overwhelming, but the right equipment makes difficult projects easier. The best compact tractor for your property depends largely on how you use it. Regardless of size, most compact tractors can tackle everything from landscaping jobs to snow removal, as long as you have the right attachments. It's really just a matter of how quickly, efficiently and safely you get the job done.

Who is it for?

Ideal for those who consider the weekend (and most weekday evenings) the best time to work in the garden, lawn or field. You spend many hours outside and won't let inexperience stop you from starting new projects. With the upgrade to the 1025R and the addition of a backhoe, you'll have more power and versatility to pursue your passion for yard work with more comfort to keep you cool from dawn to dusk.

1025r John Deere Attachments

1025R Compact Utility Tractor

For those who love the utility and simplicity of the Series 1 family but are looking for a little more power and comfort in their tractor. The 1025R comes equipped with all the features of the 1023E, plus cruise control and premium operator's station that includes a padded seat, armrests and rubber mats for ergonomic support when spending long hours in the driver's seat.

1025r John Deere Attachments and Specifications

Tier IV-compliant 23.9 hp diesel engine

4-wheel drive and power steering

Premium operator station with ergonomic seat, armrest and fender lights

Auto-connect platform with i-Match Quick Hitch compatibility

What can you use your 1025 R compact tractor for?

On countless occasions we may need all the power and versatility offered by a tractor when working, but in the smallest possible size because we have a highly reduced and conditioning space. As a solution to this challenge, the compact tractor appears.

The design of these machines, which achieve more than acceptable power, is difficult. Engineering and mechanics are used to provide solutions and ensure that each piece occupies as little space as possible and fits perfectly into the puzzle of the tractor.

They are widely used in greenhouses or fruit plantations, as well as for certain gardening tasks or orchard work.

Are John Deere implements interchangeable?

Yes, in fact John Deere attachments are compatible with other brands of compact tractors.

Is the 1025 R compact tractor a good choice?

The 1026R model has a spacious and comfortable cab for the small size of the tractor. The hood is easy to open, the steering wheel position is adjustable and it is Autoconnect compatible. The final drives are spur gear and the brakes are wet disc brakes.

If you are thinking of buying a 1025 R compact tractor, you will be making a good investment for your farm or property. In addition, John Deere tractor attachments are readily available on the market, specifically John Deere 1025r attachments are inexpensive or easy to repair.

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1025r John Deere Attachments