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Package Service

More people are shopping online and receiving package deliveries. The incidence of package theft has increased greatly over the last year. People want to know that they have a safe and secure place to receive packages where they are protected from problems. At Luxer One, we sell a range of high-tech lockers that you can use to provide package service to your tenants, students, customers, and others. Our lockers are the ideal way to ensure a locked place for package delivery. With our lockers, your clients will always be assured of getting their deliveries and keeping them safe and dry for private pick up.

Package Service from Luxer One

Our package service is perfect for a number of different applications. Universities will find our lockers are an easy option for students and teachers alike. Apartment and condo managers can utilize Luxer One lockers for secure resident package delivery. Mail services can offer customers secured lockers in sizes that fit their needs. Retail shops enjoy the ability to receive deliveries safely and on their own terms. Office buildings can provide our intelligent digital locker systems for the perfect way to ensure the best possible deliveries. There is no better way to make sure that your customers get their packages on time and without fear of theft.

Features of Our Package Service

Our package service utilizes state-of-the-art technology coupled with high-quality construction for durable and secure results. Our exclusive software is user-friendly and gives people a fast and easy way to manage deliveries. Customers receive a text message when a package arrives so they can track their orders. We make our package lockers with strong, durable steel and we have units for inside or outside use. Hinges are on the inside, so they are tamper-proof. The main unit has a touchscreen for easy access. Customers have access 24/7 and managers can access as needed. There is a cloud-based security system for added protection. Doors are modular so you can change them out in the field to provide the size units you need.

About Luxer One

At Luxer One, we offer the most convenient and efficient package service possible. We make our lockers in the USA with the best materials possible. Choose from a selection of colors to meet your requirements. The locker units can be designed with various configurations to accommodate the number and size receptacles you need. You can opt for indoor or outdoor package lockers. In addition to our excellent smart parcel lockers, we also offer the same technology for a package room. You can have controlled access to create a secure place to receive and store packages. This allows for safe package delivery of all sizes and shapes.

The Luxer Fridge is a high-tech refrigerator to supply security and surveillance. Our proprietary internal locking system controls access. The fridge allows you to receive perishable deliveries while maintaining controlled temperature and security. We make our fridge in the USA with top quality parts and materials. For more information, contact Luxer One online at https://www.luxerone.com/contact/.

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