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How to choose and install a tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade

You bought your tractor snow plow blade to save time this winter–and backaches! So don’t give yourself a headache in the middle of the next ‘Snowmaggedon’ with a busted cutting edge. Tiny but mighty, the cutting edge on your tractor snow plow blade is a thin, durable strip made of metal or polyethylene. The cutting edge attaches to the bottom edge of your tractor blade and scrapes up ice and snow from the plow surface. Without a cutting edge, your snow removal project might just might be frozen in its tracks!



Even with careful maintenance, you’ll need a cutting edge replacement blade eventually. Our best advice? Be prepared. Whether it happens through normal wear and tear or an obstruction hidden under the snow, you should know where to turn when your tractor snow plow cutting edge bends, cracks, or breaks beyond repair.



You can trust Heavy Hitch to make your blizzards a breeze with our tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade.



Whether you are planning for bumps during snow plow season or stranded right now with a broken cutting edge, Heavy Hitch is here to get you back on track. Our products are made in Minnesota, home to some of the world’s toughest winters. And our certified, U.S.-based welders use only the highest quality materials including virgin black UHMW and American made steel.



You may be wondering, “How do you decide on a tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade?” If so, read on! The more you know, so you’re ready for snow!






Most often, your cutting edge is the first part of your tractor snow plow equipment to wear down and need repairs. The cutting edge is the component most often in contact with ice, snow, and snow plow surfaces like gravel and pavement. As with other components on your tractor snow plow, the lifespan of your cutting edge depends on a variety of factors including material, usage, and maintenance.

Regular wear and tear.

You should regularly check your tractor snow plow to ensure the cutting edge has not worn to the bottom of the moldboard, also known as the blade. If it is close, don’t wait too long! A replacement cutting edge is fairly cheap and easy to secure; it is much worse for your blade to take a hit. You should also observe your tractor snow plow’s cutting edge for irregularities in wear and tear, especially at the edges. If you see daylight through some parts of the cutting edge but not others, it might be time for a replacement to ensure even performance.

Damage from accidents.

Even with thorough preparation and careful operation, accidents happen. If your blade experienced a collision with uneven pavement, an obstacle hidden under the snow, or even the edge of a curb, it is possible your cutting edge sustained damage. Depending on the material, damages can appear as dents, cracks, or chips in the surface of your cutting edge.

Both sides are used.

Many cutting edges are engineered to be reversible. Don’t forget to check before you replace your existing cutting edge. But if you have used both sides of your cutting edge, it’s time to consider a replacement!

Be prepared.

Murphy’s law says, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Just in case ‘it’ goes wrong, consider keeping a back-up cutting edge on hand so your snow plow project stays on track.


Steel vs. polyethylene: which material is best?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade. The choice begins with a clear understanding of the differences between steel and polyethylene. 

Heavy Hitch makes cutting edge replacement blades in two materials: american made steel and virgin black UHMW.

American made steel is the classic choice for your tractor snow plow blade’s cutting edge. Steel remains the most popular material for snow plow cutting edges, and for good reason. It is powerful enough to cut through tough hard-packed snow and ice, reducing the need for chemical maintenance. For the clearest surface and the toughest jobs, steel is the way to go.

“Much better than the original bar.” – Heavy Hitch customer

Heavy Hitch creates steel snow plow tractor cutting edge replacement blades made with extra thick American made steel that reduces bounce while bringing extra power to your snow removal project. Our steel cutting edges come standard with a super durable black environmentally-friendly powder coat. We offer steel cutting edges in four sizes: 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”. 

Check out Tractor Time with Tim to see how to install a replacement cutting edge!

Virgin black UHMW is also known as ultra molecular weight polyethylene. Both durable and impact resistant, UHMW resists wear, friction, and corrosion while cutting maintenance costs, energy consumption, and extends equipment life. If you want a long-lasting and non-marking cutting edge for your tractor snow plow blade, polyethylene is the way to go!

“I got it mounted in 5 minutes. Thanks for including new nuts and bolts; nice touch!” – Heavy Hitch customer

Heavy Hitch creates reversible heavy duty UHMW tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blades that clears snow effectively without scarring your plow surface. Our UHMW cutting edges come in three sizes: 54”, 60”, and 72”.

American made steel Virgin black UHMW
Lengthy wear life Superior wear resistance
Scrapes surfaces clean Low friction and non-marking ability
Abrasion resistant Chemical resistant (no rust, ever!)
Economical choice Quiet for residential snow removal projects
Good for hard-packed snow and ice Good for fresh snow and slush
Consider for large, flat surfaces Consider for uneven surfaces like gravel or brick

Still undecided? Read on to learn more about choosing the best tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade for your needs this winter.

Before you plow, consider your surroundings.

It is smart to prepare for snow plow season before the first snowflake falls. We recommend you survey your snow plow terrain in order to decide whether steel or polyethylene is the best choice for your winter maintenance needs. Taking time to identify the following considerations for your snow removal projects will result in a better process and prevent costly mishaps down the road.



Surface material. Think about the surface material of areas you plan to plow. Do you want the cleanest scrape money can buy? Steel might be your best choice. Steel will carve up everything in its path without a second thought! But the virtue of steel is also its vice: it can leave scratches in your plow surfaces that might not look too great when spring rolls around.



For new or uneven surfaces, poly is a gentle but durable alternative. You might not get the fresh carved surface you would with steel, but you will protect your surfaces from snow plow scars or damage to sealant on your driveway. Poly cutting edges are a great option when your wintry projects tackle slushy or fresh fallen snow.



Potential hazards. Identifying potential hazards is another important part of preparing for snow plow season. Mapping out the location of curbs, walkways, and other objects that might be buried in snow will help you to avoid costly accidents and delays once winter comes.



When choosing between a steel or poly cutting edge, consider the site of impact. Steel will cut or chip against most surfaces with which it collides. If your tractor snow plow blade collides with ice, that’s great news! The ice chips away and your driveway stays behind. But if your snow plow blade collides with a raised lip or obstacle in your driveway, well, it’s not good news for your driveway. Not to mention you. Trust us, you don’t want to ram your tractor snow plow into a raised lip of cement and feel your brain ring like a bell.



Noise considerations. Do your neighbors live close enough to hear you? Steel is powerful but it is noisy. If you ever lived in the city, you might have a memory of waking up in the middle of the night to the loud scraping sound of snow plows. That noise is thanks to a steel cutting edge! If you live in a more crowded area, you might want to consider a poly cutting edge.



However, for more remote areas the sound of a steel cutting edge poses little or no problem.






If you are choosing a tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade, don’t settle for a bargain blade! The cheapest tractor snow plow cutting edges on the market aren’t built to perform and they aren’t built to last, either. One wrong move on an uneven paver can cause big delays for your snow removal projects, not to mention frequent replacements that cost more than a quality product from the get-go.



That is one reason you won’t see rubber or mild steel cutting edges at Heavy Hitch. While rubber and mild steel cost less, they wear out much more quickly. They can’t cut through heavy snow and ice like our high-performing heavyweight steel and UHMW polyethylene products.



Heavy Hitch makes tough cutting edges for tough winters. Whether you choose a steel or polyethylene cutting edge replacement blade from Heavy Hitch, you should know you’ve got a quality product! All of our products are competitively priced and made in the U.S. by certified welders with your heavy-duty winter maintenance work in mind.






Congratulations: by choosing a Heavy Hitch tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade, you’ve already invested in a long-lasting product! In part, just how long your cutting edge lasts is up to you.


It is very important to keep an eye on your cutting edge before, during, and after snow plow season. If you plow more often, check your cutting edges more often: a damaged cutting edge puts your blade at risk. By staying on top of your maintenance tasks, you protect your blade and ensure a consistent snow plow job. In addition to checking for wear and damage on your cutting edge, regularly inspect the bolts on your cutting edge. Snow removal takes a toll on your equipment! With enough vibration and stress, the bolts can loosen causing your cutting edge to break off. When securing loose bolts, be careful not to over-tighten them which can also lead to breakage.


With thoughtful operation of your tractor you can ensure a long lifespan for your cutting edge, not to mention your entire snow plow blade. Maintain a safe pace that anticipates hidden obstacles in the snow. By taking the extra time to complete your snow plow project, you protect your cutting edge and blade from undue stress and early damage. You can slow the wear and tear of your cutting edge by avoiding excessive down pressure and ensuring your cutting edge is flush with the snow plow surface.





The easiest part of your snow removal project is choosing Heavy Hitch for your cutting edge replacement blades. You can trust Heavy Hitch products to pull through for you as you push away ice and snow this winter.


Choose your new Heavy Hitch American-made steel or virgin black UHMW polyethylene cutting edge replacement blade today!


If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQs or contact us today.




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