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Implement Ideas For Your New Compact Tractor

A tractor is only as good as its implements.

A tractor alone can’t till a garden, mow, or grade a piece of land. Here are top implements to consider:

Front loaders. “The loader moves dirt piles, pushes snow, and moves bushes and trees, so people can do their own landscaping without pushing around a wheelbarrow,” says Tom Sieper, product manager of the Kubota BX tractor series. The BX22’s most popular implement is the front loader.

If you want to extend the capabilities of your front-end loader, check out Heavy Hitch’s tooth bars, designed to take your front-end loader to the next level.

Mowers. Mowers are a must. Rotary cutters do rough cutting, tackling weeds with thickness and density. Mid-mount and rear-mount finish mowers trim the lawn.” Some people believe mid-mount mowers give a better cut than rear-mounts because the tire doesn’t push the grass down before mowing,” says Sieper.

Category 1, three-point hitch. Homeowners who want the maximum number of implements should buy a compact tractor with a true Category 1, three-point hitch. With this hitch you can attach one company’s implements to another’s tractor. Although a garden tractor can accept some proprietary attachments like tillers, moving up to Category 1 compact tractors expands your choice of implements. “You get a more universal standard with compact tractors,” says Todd Stucke, product manager for AGCO Tractor. “You can mix and match them with whatever brand of attachment is out there.”

Heavy Hitch offers a couple variations of the Category 1 Three-Point Hitch so you can get exactly what you need to get the job done.


Rear-mounted implement hookups. For easy rear-mounted implement hookups, John Deere developed the iMatch quick-coupler hitch system. This implement attachment system converts a three-point hitch to fixed hooks with attaching points so you can back up the tractor, flip the lever, and slide on the PTO shafts. The quick hitch works with Category 1, three-point hitch implements, no matter the brand. Dealers can demonstrate the hitching process with or without the quick hitch so you can see for yourself the difference it makes. Quick hitch reduces the risk of back or hand injuries linked to implement hookup.

Other implements: Mulching kits, backhoes, snow blowers, blades, rotary brooms/sweepers, box scrapers, rotary tillers, sprayers, landscape rakes, tandem disc harrows, post hole diggers, hay rakes and tedders, bale carriers, and more.

Taken from “Living the Country Life Magazine”

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