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Just wanted to follow up…


Just wanted to follow up, the hitch has been on for a few weeks now. Works great, fits well. I’ve done some ripping with it with a single tooth bar I have that fits in a 2″ receiver. The tractor bogs down before any of the implements are anywhere near stressed. I still need to get a few weights to hang on it, just that nothing has come up on Craigslist so I might have to buy new ones. 🙂

The sleeve adapter also does the job, although it seems the Brinly tongue isn’t built with too much worry about the spec, it’s a pretty loose fit and I had to use an extra long pin to reach all the way through. LOL!

FWIW, I use a 5/8″ grade-8 bolt with washers instead of a bent pin and that keeps the sleeve adapter or the ripper bar nice and snug in the receiver.

Take care and thanks!


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