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One Day Tractor Projects for This Summer

Around the farm or homestead, plenty of projects need to get done. Whether you have a small yard or a dozen acres, there are likely stumps to remove, paths that need clearing, a plot that needs tilling, or firewood that needs to be gathered for your fire pit or winter heat. 

Some projects can take a few days or the better part of a week, but today, we’ll look at a few you can do in a day with the help of your tractor and a Heavy Hitch attachment.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Massey Ferguson, John DeereKubota, or another fine tractor. In many Cases (pardon the pun), the magic happens at the hitch. Heavy Hitch and your tractor attachments are a match made in Heaven for these projects.

Removing Stumps with the Heavy Hitch Bucket Tooth Bar

Many homesteads and fields you’d like to level and till have a big ole stump in the middle of it. Maybe it’s on the front lawn from that tree with Dutch Elm you had removed.  

Our Heavy Hitch bucket tooth bar is compatible with many tractors or front-end loaders to make stump removal a much easier chore with just a 5/16″ Allen wrench. 

Clearing or Creating Paths

Those of you with a dozen acres probably have a trail or two that needs clearing in the spring. Likewise, your small yard might need a path to accommodate a vehicle, tractor, or a walkway out to the garden. Trail cleanup and creation is an effortless Saturday chore with the HHGR Landscape Rake.

Tilling a Plot: Big or Small—Heavy Hitch Can Till Them All  

Will one day this summer be the day you finally break down and break ground on the garden? Then, with Heavy Hitch cultivator sets, map out the area and start tilling or bedding.

Our blog post, What Are the Benefits of Cultivator Sets, will give you plenty of suggestions about which attachments to use and where and how to use them. Whatever your gardening project, Heavy Hitch has a tillage tool to take the challenge out of creating a garden plot.

Gathering Firewood

Everyone who has had a woodburning stove or fireplace for more than a season knows that green wood needs time to dry out and cure before burning. Thus, the best time to gather firewood is when you don’t need it. 

With the help of your tractor and a Heavy Hitch 3-Point Hitch, gathering and stacking a few cords of wood can be a one-day project.

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