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Our Top 5 Attachments For Your Tractor

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    Working on the land is hard, but we at Heavy Hitch know that it’s well worth it. As writer and farmer, Wendell Berry says, “The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility.” By caring for your yard, garden, or acreage with tractor attachments, you can provide immediate and lasting benefits to yourself and your household. You can grow food for your family. You can improve your physical and mental wellbeing. You can also build a lasting legacy to entrust to the next generation.

    Whether you have one acre or dozens to work with, a compact tractor serves as one of your mightiest and most useful allies. Compact tractors are designed to maximize productivity on land ranging from a yard to a small farm. The most popular compact tractors are built with engines between 20 and 65 horsepower that suit a variety of property sizes and project capabilities. Compact tractors are also built with hydraulics, power take off (PTO), and three-point hitch system that makes your machine compatible with hundreds of attachments. 

    With the right attachments you can use your compact tractor to push, pull, dig, and lift just about anything you need to! 

    With so many choices, how do you choose? You might already have some tasks in mind. If so, you are off to a good start! The best choice ultimately depends on your specific goals and needs. Still, many first-time tractor owners and those looking for their next attachment ask Heavy Hitch about our favorite attachments.

    We’re here to share five of our favorite attachments for seasonal and year-round use! Countless customers love each of these American-made, world-class attachments for their versatility, quality, and reliability. We think you’ll love them, too.

    Spring: Till with the Heavy Hitch Cultivator/Garden Bedder/Hiller (H2TBD)

    ‘Tis the season for melting snow and thawing soil. As the season brings longer, warmer daylight hours, gardeners, landscapers, and farmers turn their attention toward spring planting. A good growing season depends on a variety of factors including weather, water, and soil quality. Soil is so important that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations calls soil “the foundation of the food system,” supporting 95% of the world’s food sources. 

    This information probably will not come as a surprise to any seasoned gardener or farmer. Heavy Hitch is a Minnesota-based company, and we know the heart of the heartland is in the soil. North America boasts some of the world’s most fertile soil that supplies food to hundreds of millions of people every year, including one out of every three people living in the U.S. who grow their own food.

    When the soil is dry and warm enough, you can till your soil to prepare for planting. Also called ‘secondary tillage,’ tilling the soil in spring helps to tear up grass and weeds that could steal precious nutrients, water, and light from your plants. Spring tilling also helps to break up and aerate soil that became compacted over the long winter so your plants develop healthy root systems. This is especially important for your root vegetables like potatoes.

    To get your garden or farming plot into shape, the Heavy Hitch cultivator/garden bedder/hiller is just what the doctor ordered!

    Our cultivator/garden bedder/hiller is a durable and versatile compact tractor attachment useful throughout the entire growing season, beginning with secondary tillage. We designed super-strong, adjustable steel s-tines that work both smarter and harder. The ‘s’-shaped shanks vibrate in the soil behind your tractor to loosen and remove roots, but remain flexible enough not to break against big stones or other obstructions in the soil. Throughout the growing season, your s-tines can be adjusted to help maintain spacing between your rows or crops.

    “That implement looks as handy as pockets on a shirt. Well thought out and simple in design, easy install.”

    Viewer of Tractor Time With Tim’s review

    Once your soil is loosened, it’s time to form the seedbeds. By forming parallel rows of soil in your garden or farming plot, your plants will thrive with enough sunlight, water, and soil nutrients. Rows also help to maintain your garden or farming plot during the entire growing season with easy weed removal using this very same cultivator/garden bedder/hiller attachment.

    You can form the perfect seed beds for a variety of plants and crops using this attachment’s fully adjustable 14” disc blades. The blades are set at an angle that helps to hill tilled soil into even rows at whatever height and width you need. Vertical and horizontal adjustments to the discs are easy thanks to the clamp design. The entire 48” heavy wall toolbar can also adjust easily through our sleeve and set screw system for offset hilling and cultivating projects. With the fully adjustable row maker your garden beds will be seed ready in a single pass.

    “It arrived quickly and was easy to put together…very pleased with this product and would recommend it. It definitely makes gardening easier.”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    Many happy customers consider our cultivator/garden bedder/hiller attachment to be the cure for their springtime aches and pains. No shovels, no hoes, no depth gauges; just healthy soil and happy seedlings.

    Click here to purchase your own cultivator/garden bedder/hiller attachment.

    Lift and Load in the Summer with the Heavy Hitch Bucket Tooth Bar (TB)

    Summer is the season for “working hard” and “playing hard,” especially with a compact tractor! The good news? You have enough daylight and good weather for near-endless possibilities to make your dream home become a reality. The bad news? You have enough daylight and good weather for near-endless projects to tackle! Soil needs scooping, firewood needs hauling, and gravel needs grading. If those projects don’t sound like much fun just yet, you may need our bucket tooth bar.

    The Heavy Hitch tooth bar extends your bucket’s capacity with ultra-sharp teeth made of American steel. These teeth are made to tear into soil, gravel, or anything else you need to scoop and carry. See for yourself as Tim Marks of Tractor Time With Tim tries out our toothbar for the first time. Recently, Tim brought his John Deere 1025r to a friend’s house and helped to remove excess pea gravel from the yard. With the Heavy Hitch bucket tooth bar attached to his front end loader, Tim’s tractor moved so quickly that his friend hardly had time to lift a finger before the work was done. Tim reported, “I’m getting a lot bigger scoopfuls…[it’s] so much easier with these teeth.” Coming from a seasoned tractor enthusiast like Tim, that’s saying something!

    “This thing, in the first hour of use, is a ‘home run!’”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    We designed Heavy Hitch bucket toothbars to be universally compatible with all regular buckets. Our clamp on design eliminates the need for drilling, and can be installed with just an allen wrench and a little bit of elbow grease. If you run into trouble (like if you run into something so impassable that a tooth breaks), you don’t need to worry. We make every individual tooth replaceable and interchangeable, so you won’t strike out.

    “The digging force is awesome. I laid waste to a jungle filled with stumps, rocks, branches behind my house including some 500-lb rocks that had the misfortune to be in the way. Couldn’t break it and it has transformed an average bucket on my tractor to something that actually digs and works like it’s supposed to.”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    Along with additional capacity, your Heavy Hitch bucket tooth bar can speed up summer projects so that you can slow down and relax. Gone are the days of a standard bucket that struggles to break ground and requires the monotony of carrying smaller loads back-and-forth. With a faster pace you may just find benefits that extend beyond your compact tractor. One recent customer raved, “My new Heavy Hitch toothbar…cut by 50% the amount of time to put piled dirt and brush into a dump trailer for disposal. Even better, since I can go faster, I’m taking lighter loads for disposal, minimizing overloading of both the trailer and my truck.” Home run? Try a grand slam!

    If you want to see another example of our tooth bar in action, check out the video from Good Works Tractor Co. owner Courtney Scott. Scott recently took out the Heavy Hitch bucket tooth bar to clear a path in the woods on his property and prepare soil for new food plots. Within minutes Scott and his sub-compact tractor turned an impassable ravine into a solid, stable, and traversable path.

    “This tooth bar here is absolutely amazing.”

    Courtney Scott, owner of Good Works Tractor Co.

    The property where Scott works in the video originally was “destined to be a rock quarry,” he reports. Whenever he prepares a plot for planting, Scott notes that he is “constantly turning up rocks” and boulders. Thankfully we made Heavy Hitch bucket tooth bars for land just like this. Scott celebrates, “The tooth bar does a great job picking them and you can kind of slide them or roll them or scoop them wherever you want.”

    For more information on how to measure your bucket and select the right tooth bar, visit the product page here.

    Harvest in the Fall with the Heavy Hitch Ripper/Middle Buster Plow/Subsoiler Plow/Ripper Combo Shank (HRA)

    We admit that it’s not entirely fair to put the Heavy Hitch combo shank into a seasonal box. After all, this versatile attachment is useful in multiple seasons as long as your ground has thawed. The combo shank functions at times as a ripper, middle buster plow, subsoiler plow, and potato plow. In the springtime, you can use the combo shank for deep ripping through hardpan and crop residue, as well as along tree lines. The combo shank is also a great tool for preparing garden furrows. During the summer months you can lay cables, wires, and water lines. Still, the Heavy Hitch ripper/middle buster/ripper combo shank really shines in the fall, once you are ready to harvest subsoil crops and plant overwintering cover crops.

    “Well that’s one toy that works as advertised, lifting up and disturbing the subsoil so the roots can go deep.”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    Taters, nearly everybody loves them! After wheat and rice, humans consume more potatoes than any other crop in the world. Potatoes have nourished humans during long winters, droughts, and even space travel. It makes sense why potatoes are one of the most popular garden crops in the U.S. Whether you like them baked, scalloped, mashed, or hashed, you can prepare, plant, and harvest delicious homegrown taters using your compact tractor and the Heavy Hitch combo shank.

    According to Michigan State University Extension Educator Jeannie Nichols, “homegrown potatoes tell you when to harvest them.” Nichols recommends you harvest potatoes once the vines have yellowed and dried up, a sign the potatoes are done growing and have as many nutrients as possible. This process should happen before the first hard frost. In addition to potato harvesting, the combo shank is useful for harvesting other tuber crops like yams, sweet potatoes, and cassava. 

    We designed our potato plow, also called a middle buster or furrower, for easy adjustments using a heavy-duty steel bolt system. The 11” plow can be lowered along our 28” shank for the appropriate depth whether you’re planting in the spring or harvesting in the fall. We recommend you do a brief test run with one of your hills to ensure the plow is set at the proper depth. As many seasoned tractor owners will tell you, make sure not to rush through the plowing process! Your steel shank and potato plow are powerful tools attached to a powerful machine; rushing through the harvesting process can cause damage to your crops!

    Your potato plow attaches to the same shank that can be used for deep soil conditioning or laying cables earlier in the year. At 28” deep, the combo shank is long enough and strong enough to break through most compacted soil and roots that would otherwise compromise your potato crops. When harvesting time arrives, your combo shank will dig into your hills or furrows and pull dozens of delicious potato crops up to the surface for gathering and storage.

    “Fantastic!!!…..Best piece of equipment I have ever bought. Made my life so much easier.”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    You can use the combo shank for post-harvest field care. Planting cover crops serves as one of the most important steps to prepare for a strong potato yield next season. Cover crops limit topsoil erosion during the wintertime and restore nutrients to the soil. Cover crops can also reduce the amount of compacted soil you will need to carve up in the spring. Deep ripping the soil at this stage can also reduce compaction and prepare the soil for healthy root systems and drainage.

    For your very own all-in-one ripper/middle buster/subsoiler plow/potato plow combo shank, check out your options here

    Plow in the winter with the Heavy Hitch back plow blade (HHBB2)

    As a Minnesota company, Heavy Hitch knows how tough winter can be. For example, one ‘snowmaggedon’ blizzard dropped enough snow and ice to tear down the old Metrodome football stadium in downtown Minneapolis! Not to mention the fateful winter of 2007 that forever tied this season to Heavy Hitch’s origin story and subsequent growth.

    While Minnesota is one of America’s snowier states, every single one of our nation’s states experience snow. Yes, even Hawaii! Wherever you live, being prepared for inclement winter weather can save you a lot of trouble when the time comes. Without a good snow and ice removal plan, your property’s surfaces can quickly become ice rinks where you and your vehicles slide around like hockey pucks…that is, if you’re not stuck in a mountain of snow! 

    A snow and ice removal plan involves a well-stocked supply of items for wintry weather. With the right attachments, your compact tractor can be a great teammate against the frozen elements. That is why we chose the back plow blade as the best Heavy Hitch compact tractor attachment for winter.

    “This blade is awesome. I used it to plow some snow today. It worked great. Took the snow all the way down to the concrete.”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    We call Heavy Hitch back plow blades ‘winter tough’’ because we designed our blades to stand up against the worst that winter throws at you. Made of extra thick carbon steel, our back plow blades clear all types of snow, sleet, and ice from plow surfaces with minimal bounce and maximum clearing power. The investment in a winter-tough back plow blade is crucial. Cheap blades are prone to bouncing and breakage that can shorten the life of both blade and tractor. By choosing the Heavy Hitch back plow blade, you’re buying a high-quality product made by certified, U.S.-based welders who use American-made carbon steel.

    Katriel Marks, from Tractor Time With Tim, shows how easily the back plow blade can be installed and adjusted on the family’s John Deere 1025R. You can slide the back plow blade attachment into a 2” receiver like our namesake three-point hitch and collapse the blade for easy storage when you’re finished. Adjustments allow for angling and offset plow projects as well as direct drives. 

    Every back plow blade purchase automatically comes with a durable and reversible virgin black UHMW polyethylene cutting edge. ‘UHMW’ stands for ‘ultra molecular weight polyethylene,’ a long-lasting material that won’t mark up your driveways or other paved surfaces. At the same time, the cutting edge protects your back blade from exposure to excess friction, corrosion, or damage during snow removal projects.

    “Picked up the new rear blade today. Beautiful piece of equipment. Lucky to live so close to the Heavy Hitch Guys. Let it snow, let it snow!”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    To put the ‘pro’ into your winter projects, grab yourself a Heavy Hitch back blow blade with a polyethylene cutting edge here.

    Be an Everyday All-Star with the Hitch that Puts Us on the Map

    We called ourselves Heavy Hitch after the namesake product that started it all way back in 2007. Co-founders Greg Parnow and Jim Schell conspired to develop a three-point hitch in Parnow’s garage for his compact tractor. The compact tractor hitch needed to accommodate attachments along with weights to operate effectively in all of Minnesota’s seasons, including the harsh winter climate. The heavy-duty steel hitch fit the bill, and it turns out that Greg wasn’t alone. Thousands of tractor owners were looking for the very same thing. By selling the popular hitch on eBay, Greg and Jim grew a business big enough to launch a website and factory.

    “This is a real quality product and the fit and finish is outstanding.”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    Our hitches, along with all of our attachments, are manufactured in the U.S. using American steel. We source our steel from McNeilius Steel, an ISO 9001-certified company that upholds the highest international standards for quality control. In the Heavy Hitch factory, our team of machine operators, certified welders, and powder coat painters produce every hitch and attachment that you have come to trust.

    You can choose from several hitch options. Your best choice will depend upon several factors including your compact tractor’s size and horsepower, how much additional ballast you need, as well as the types of projects you plan to tackle. Heavy Hitch designs Category 0, 1, and 2 hitch receiver drawbars in both standard and super duty options. Most of our hitches hold both suitcase weights and attachments at the same time, though we offer alternatives if you have sufficient weight handling capability. 

    Your hitch will work with any attachment compatible with a 2” receiver, including all of the attachments mentioned above. We sell hitches in three colors, painted with environmentally-friendly powder coat in green, orange, and black. We match each of these colors to be compatible with some of the nation’s top sub-compact tractor companies including John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, and New Holland.

    “A year-and-a-half into use with this hitch receiver…on my Deere 1025R and I haven’t yet found a single thing about it that isn’t perfect.”

    Heavy Hitch Customer

    Think of your Heavy Hitch three-point hitch as the swiss army knife for year-round work on your compact tractor. Whatever season you find yourself in, Heavy Hitch is here to help you–and your compact tractor–get the job done.

    If you have any questions about these attachments or other products on our site, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

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