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Prepare for Spring with a Heavy Hitch Landscape Rake

The Heavy Hitch 48-inch landscape rake is a fantastic tool for many of your spring chores. The snow and ice are gone, so it’s time to get your landscaping chores finished.

Made Heavy Hitch Durable for Your Landscaping Projects

The Heavy Hitch landscape rake is made with high-strength 5160 durable steel, which is heat-treated to 38-42 Rockwell, making them resistant to rust and corrosion with a 3/8-inch bolt hole for easy attachment and 27-inch-long tongs that are one-inch wide by a sturdy 5/16-inch thickness.

This tractor attachment comes in John Deere green, Kubota orange, Massey Ferguson red, or black to match your tractor. As a bonus, it won’t take up much space when you’re not using it.

What Are Some of Those Chores?

Whatever area you have that needs sprucing up this spring, you can start with a landscape rake attachment with a two-inch steel receiver to level any area quickly and easily. You’ll be amazed at how much work this handy attachment can save you as you prepare your landscaping, garden, driveway, or lawn.

The heart-treated and durable tines are perfect for digging into the soil and pulling up debris, roots, thatch, and rocks while leaving the soil in place. The space between the tines leaves the soil but collects other unwanted debris and carries it to a central location for disposal.

  • You can use your landscaping rake to level the soil and remove debris before adding fertilizer and grass seed to the lawn.
  • Quickly spread mulch, compost, or topsoil.
  • Level space for a concrete parking lot or walkway and spread the gravel sub-layer or foundation.
  • Perfect for grading and clearing debris, roots, rocks, leaves, and limbs.
  • Clearing sod clumps and crabgrass from your backyard.
  • Make the soil plant ready.
  • Assist you in dealing with the aftermath of a storm.
  • Rake your camp’s sandy beach.

A Heavy Hitch landscaping rake attachment is a quick hitch that’s easy to connect and remove, making it the perfect assistant for landscaping chores.

Its durable construction is essential for moving rocks and heavy limbs but is flexible enough not to tear up the soil. Therefore, it is easy to remove and replace when you bend or break a tine on a large rock you didn’t see. Plus, the 360-degree allows easy reversing and angular settings.

The Heavy Hitch Landscape Rake is an essential tool to simplify complex landscaping chores and hasten their completion.

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