Bucket Tooth Bar for Sub-Compact Tractors

Disclaimer: Designs, specifications, features and information are subject to change without notice.

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The Heavy Hitch Bucket Tooth Bar is the heavy duty tool you need to increase your bucket capacity and improve digging performance. Clamp on tooth bar installs simply with 5/8″ set screws in each tooth shank. All you need is a 5/16′ Allen wrench to install.

Compatible with several front end loader, skid steer and tractor models:

  • 49”, 53” and 61” buckets on John Deere models 45, 120R, H120, D120, H130, D160, H160, H165, 200CX and 300CX front end loader buckets.
  • 57” bucket on John Deere 220R model loaders with standard or heavy duty material bucket.
  • 46” on Kubota LA243 series loaders with 46.5” standard material bucket

If you’re unsure of fitment, call us at 1-888-337-8999.

Comes standard with a super durable finish in your choice of Green -G (matches John Deere Green), Black -B, or Orange -O (matches Kubota Orange) environmentally friendly powdercoat. Select color and size when ordering.

TB466-B – Black (46″)
TB466-G – Green (46″)
TB466-O – Orange (46″)

TB496-B – Black (49″)
TB496-G – Green (49″)
TB496-O – Orange (49″)

TB537-B – Black (53″)
TB537-G – Green (53″)
TB537-O – Orange (53″)

TB577-B – Black (57″)
TB577-G – Green (57″)
TB577-O – Orange (57″)

TB617-B – Black (61″)
TB617-G – Green (61″)
TB617-O – Orange (61″)

TB648-B – Black (64″)
TB648-G – Green (64″)
TB648-O – Orange (64″)

TB708-B – Black (70″)
TB708-G – Green (70″)
TB708-O – Orange (70″)

Available on backorder



All Heavy Hitch products are made in the USA by a Minnesota company you can trust. Be confident in the quality and longevity of our products – we use only American made steel and certified welders.

Heavy Hitch Bucket Tooth Bar Details:

  • Features heavy duty Pengo 230 shanks (with ⅝ inch cup-point set screw); 6 shanks on the 46″ and 49″; 7 shanks on the 53″, 57″, and 61″.
  • Teeth are replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Installation is easy – no drilling required. Simply slide on and tighten set screws to 35-40 foot pounds using a 5/16″ Allen wrench.
  • Works with standard material buckets with up to a 1/2″ cutter bar.
  • Smooth design prevents mud and debris from hanging on.

Custom Orders Available

Custom bucket tooth bar options are available for other size buckets and cutting edges. Contact us to start a custom order.

Please Note:

This bucket tooth bar will not work with a heavy duty bucket and ¾” cutter bar. Please call us at 1-888-337-8999 or email us for help selecting another model that will work with your specific tractor.

SKUs: 46″: TB466-B, TB466-G, TB466-O

49″: TB496-B, TB496-G, TB496-O

53″: TB537-B, TB537-G, TB537-O

57″: TB577-B, TB577-G, TB577-O

61″: TB617-B, TB617-G, TB617-O

64″: TB648-G, TB648-B, TB648-O

70″: TB708-G, TB708-B, TB708-O

Designs, specifications, features and information are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight60 lbs
Dimensions57 × 12 × 3 in

Black, Green (matches John Deere Green), Orange (matches Kubota Orange)


46", 49", 53", 57", 58", 61", 61"HD, 64", 70", 73"HD

32 reviews for Bucket Tooth Bar for Sub-Compact Tractors

  1. Jim G (verified owner)

    This toothbar is awesome – makes my tractor a totally different machine. I have a Mahindra 2615 with a 60in bucket. Called and they offered to make my toothbar at 59in so it fits perfect. I had it in just over a week from when we talked on the phone. This is the best money I have spent on my tractor, wish I would have done it years ago!

  2. Robert White

    I use this tooth bar on my 1025R with the 120r loader. Unbelievable improvement in digging and ability to remove small stumps and bushes. Definitely worth the money. One question can you purchase new teeth?

  3. Mac (verified owner)

    i have it on Kubota B2920. I am very happy with the purchase. I am moving big piles of clay with wood pieces. Wouldn’t be able to to it with the standard bucket. Tip: tighten the screws evrey few hours

  4. Craig

    I bought a tooth bar for John Deere 300cx loader with a heavy duty bucket. It is built very well and the bolt holes line up perfectly with the existing holes in the cutting edge. This makes for very easy on and off. I’ve used it here and there over last few months, but today I really tested it out. I have a large clay pile that has been settling and packing for years with a lot of 5-10 foot trees growing in it. It worked awesome. Not only did it break up the hard pack clay but it was excellent at popping those trees out and then raking them out of the pile. I would have never been able to get into that pile without the toothbar. For the price I would recommend any one with a tractor have one of these on hand. It really expands the tractors versatility.

  5. Berland Meyer (verified owner)

    Bought a tooth bar for my J D 2038r last week. Put it on to remove landscaping today. It was outstanding! Easily hooked into landscape fabric and old mulch much better than just the bucket edge. It also pulled out lots of roots. I also liked the way I could back rake with it. Only thing I didn’t like was when taking it off I dropped it on my foot. Ouch…. good quality steel. Used my ttwt discount.

    • Heavy Hitch (verified owner)

      Thanks for the comment…
      Ouch! Just so you know we do not cover medical expenses! HA! HA!

  6. Carl Boyer

    Bought mine last summer but didn’t get to put it to work until last weekend. I have a 45 Loader on a JD X585 and bought the 49 size bar. Had to grind about 1/4″ off of the tabs on either end and then clean up the welds on bucket cutting edge to get the fit right. Torqued the bar on at about 37 lbs and it does not move even when digging out some good size rocks. Super impressed. Glad I got it. Easy on and off with the set screws for when I do or don’t need it mounted. I highly recommend this.

  7. Joseph Felchlin (verified owner)

    I bought and easily installed the 53 inch tooth bar for my 53 inch John Deere 120R Front End Loader.
    The tooth bar is “heavy duty” – Great for digging – Pulling up/out brush – Grading material.
    It’s extends from my FEL edge just far enough to get under tree limbs and smaller logs.
    Then I just roll the bucket back, lift, and go.

  8. Roy plants jr. (verified owner)

    Works just great on my 2720 jd wish I got it sooner on cx200 loader 61” big thanks to every one who made it excellent product. Well done ? thanks, Roy

    • Heavy Hitch (verified owner)

      Thanks Roy, we are happy that you like it!

  9. john hayes

    will this tooth bar fit on my John Deere 3039r 5 foot 4 in one bucket

    • Heavy Hitch (verified owner)

      You will want to measure the inside of your bucket, to see it the 64″ will fit on the bottom of the inside.

  10. Jason Bonnema (verified owner)

    Don’t hesitate buy it !! I didn’t want to pay that much , but I will never have to buy another one . It’s worth it

  11. Thomas (verified owner)

    Late review here… I purchased this tooth bar last summer or so. I was hesitant with the price but I have been extremely happy with the purchase. I have a JD 3025E and it has transformed how effective the tractor is when cleaning out our barn. I remove it when I am moving stone or lime (very easy to do). Always remember to oil the screws when you take it off. It will save you time when you go to put it back on. Great job! Well worth the price. Thanks for the good service Greg.

  12. Wilson (verified owner)

    this will tear into and dig into just about anything. easy and simple to attach/install onto the bucket. rugged, durable, heavy duty. well invested product. be nit-picky is those teeth will sneak up and trip you if you are not looking. lol. overall there is nothing wrong with this product. any problems that do arise. greg will call even a little after close of business hours to help customer.

  13. Ed Boggs (verified owner)

    I have had my Tooth bar for about 4 months. What a difference this thing makes on your loader. My loader will actually dig for the first time. My money was well spent for this attachment. Good quality and very easy to install.

  14. Rexford P Delong

    What size will fit my 2018 1025R john deere, one guy said he had a 53″ on his 1025R and another guy said he has a 49″ on his 1025R what size will fit the best

    • Heavy Hitch (verified owner)

      You’ll need to measure the inside width of your bucket and then select the size that is closest to that width.

  15. Rod Ruch (verified owner)

    just installed my tooth bar on my JD x700 2wheel drive tractor. INCREDIBLE difference to dig dirt. very glad I bought it.

  16. Todd arnold (verified owner)

    These things are like steroids for my tractor bucket I love them

  17. Tony Parra (verified owner)

    Ordered the 49″ Toothbar for my JD1025R. Wow, easy installation and great quality! Removed three tree stumps, one tree and two bushes before noontime!

  18. Ryan (verified owner)

    Works perfect, heavy duty. No drilling on the bucket and easy clamp on. Strongly recommend and I never leave reviews for products but will for this one.

  19. Nola Roeding (verified owner)

    We decided to get the tooth bar for our loader on the John Deere 1023E. It is a great help for leveling dirt, gravel and moving timber into loader. It is awesome

  20. Aaron Fruge

    You will not be disappointed!

  21. aringenberg7 (verified owner)

    i ordered the 53 inch tooth bar for my 53 inch John Deere bucket. The ordered was delivered on time and in good shape. It took me about 15 minutes to put it on. It would have been quicker if I had not taken the set screws out to grease them and then melting wax into the hex head once they were tightened in case I wanted to take it off. The tooth bar is vert sturdy and I am looking forward to using the bar with this tooth design. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  22. wildfortune (verified owner)

    Are you kidding me! This Tooth Bar is amazing!
    I’ve had my eye on tooth bars for a couple of years for my J.D. 2025R thinking that they have their place but wouldn’t be highly used. Boy! was I wrong!

    After getting approval from my arborist (He had sprayed invasive plants earlier in the season) to clear out the last section of my apple orchard that had been taken over by woods I knew I had my work cut out for me. Snow was not that far away so I ordered the 61″ tooth bar with expedited shipping. I got the darn thing the day before. Kidding, but it was fast.

    I mounted it the day after I received it and spent the next 3 days clearing brush, my planned use. But then I found that it could take care of the saplings that were too large for my brush hog. I was digging up trees left and right and then carrying them off with the tooth bar. Managing my growing brush pile was a breeze as I could easily scoop up loose pieces around the edges and raise it at the same time.

    The big test was digging out the large rootballs of some huge shrubs that were well entrenched. The tooth bar was marvelous for loosening the dirt all around the roots and then levering them out. I had feared that a tooth bar could distort my bucket so I kept a sharp eye on mine only to be relieved each time. I really worked the tractor and tooth bar to its limits

    I think that that the Heavy Hitch tooth bar increases the usefulness of any tractor and should be standard equipment on all tractors. I wish I had bought this one 2 yrs ago!
    Denise Wildfortune
    2 Shakes Farm
    Palermo, Maine

  23. thewrightsx6 (verified owner)

    I ordered my 61″ tooth bar for a 2017 John Deere 3025e and paid extra for expediting. My order was processed in one business day and I received it in 4 days just in time for work I needed to do the next weekend. I knew there would be some improvement in the overall use of my bucket, but I did not expect it to work as well as it did. On its first use, I was able to unearth two large stumps in my yard in 45 minutes. This will be a game changer for my farm. On top of this, along with the shipment came a magnet that including a cell phone number for Greg. I had a quick question, so I thought, “What the heck, I try to call the number.” I fully expected to reach Greg’s voicemail box, but no, he answered my call live and handled my question right there on the spot. That is great customer service! Thanks for a great product and timely service. I would highly recommend this purchase and company to anyone.

  24. tcassavaugh (verified owner)

    great piece of equipment, quality material and craftsmanship. i already had a tooth bar on my bucket but liked the way this one got down and worked with roots and stumps. easy installation. worked well. quick delivery. i’d recommend and buy again. you have to have this one available when you need it.

  25. badassdeputy (verified owner)

    I pulled the plug and decided to get the toothbar. I bought it to help a friend dig in a pool 14″ deep into had packed dirt, plus tons of underbrush and old called trees to move. I paid the extra to get it shipped fast. It made it to my house in no time flat. I put that earth ripper on and it worked like a charm. I would have NEVER been able to help out my friend if I didn’t have this equipment on my 1025R. Only thing I would say is (throw in a 5/16 hex head 3/8 socket drive into the box and charge $5 more. It costs $3 at home depot, but it’s something to consider. Petty I know but of all my allen wrenches missing it was that size lol. I used metric but you always have the fear of rounding out a head. The next day I went and got the socket drive. great company to deal with, and you can thank (tractor time with Tim for leading me to your store)

  26. bllanger (verified owner)

    I ordered a 53″ tooth bar for my John Deere 1025R and it is better than I anticipated! This is a “must have” if you intend to do any digging in a grassy or root invested area. Simple to put on when it is needed and easy to take off. And, as someone else noted, it is built like a tank!

  27. barefootblake (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! If you have a bucket you need a tooth bar.

  28. miker1982 (verified owner)

    Wow! I ordered this for my John Deere 1025R about a month ago and received it within 2 weeks, but didn’t have the chance to use it until this past weekend. What a amazing addition to my tractor! I’m extremely pleased with they way it cut into sod and dug right into the ground. I can’t wait for the next project to use it again. Thank you for making such a fantastic product!

  29. Eddie (verified owner)

    Great product packed well and shipped fast w/ tracking.

  30. Yancey Lowe (verified owner)

    I ordered my toothbar for my 2017 John Deere 2038R a month or so ago. Received it very quickly. It is built like a tank. The screws are thick and strong. Pregreased so they tightened down easily. Turns my little tractor into a digging machine! Not only does it cut thru dirt easily, but it is great for those basketball size and bigger rocks you unearth from time to time. Just place a tooth underneath it and roll your bucket back. Flops them right out. Love this thing!

  31. Rchard Snyder

    Yeah I ordered and paid $316.00 for a tooth bar 49 inch tooth bar to fit my little John Deere sub compact tractor ordered it from one of his dealers lawncare center in Ephrita PA in May never received it
    called the dealer few times and email them asking where it’s at !!
    he said he kept getting excuses from heavy hitch ! so asked them to ship it directly to me in June30 still haven’t received it !!
    kept getting excuses his dealer isn’t sending him parts and he needs this and they need that finally I called my credit card company and have them revoke the payment and disputed it very disappointed in the whole mess I wouldn’t even give him a one-star

    • Greg Parnow (verified owner)

      Hi Richard,
      I’m sorry to hear about your frustration with not being able to get a toothbar from your dealer. I personally contacted the dealer when I received your comment and offered to ship the toothbar directly to you for free, but we had to get the order from the dealer first. Once we received the order from the dealer we shipped the toothbar out the next day to you. This is the very first poor review we’ve received in 8 years of business and I hope once you receive the toothbar, you’ll comment on the product itself and not the poor experience you had with the dealer.

  32. Brian (verified owner)

    Great Job on this Toothbar, it is out of this world! digs great, no problem to install, great job! should of got code from youtube for 5% off.

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