Category 2 Hitch Receiver Drawbar & Bracket for 100lb Weights


This hitch is for those who want to be able to use 100lb John Deere suitcase weights with their category 2 hitch receiver drawbar.

  • Super Duty Standard
  • Select your color: Green (matches John Deere Green),  Black or Orange (matches Kubota Orange)
  • Made in the USA with American made steel

HH2PW-B – Black
HH2PW-G – Green
HH2PW-O – Orange

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The wall thickness of the lower 3″ X 3″ base tube  Super Duty is 1/4″ thick. Included with the Super Duty Hitch is a welded steel hook to the top of your receiver hitch for quick and easy pulling power. The hook makes it easy to attach a rope or chain to your hitch without having to mess with other attachments. Click image to view larger photo.


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Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 9 × 18 in

Black, Green (matches John Deere Green), Orange (matches Kubota Orange)


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