H2TBD: Cultivator / Garden Bedder / Hiller Attachment - Heavy Hitch - Compact Tractor Attachments

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H2TBD: Cultivator / Garden Bedder / Hiller Attachment

Disclaimer: Designs, specifications, features and information are subject to change without notice.


Our American made garden bedder/disc hiller/cultivator attachment is a versatile tool for shaping, ridging, bedding and cultivating rows for gardens or farms. Based on a 2″ toolbar, the disc clamp and S-tine spacing can be adjusted to meet a variety of row spacing and crop needs. The 48″ wide toolbar can also be shifted to one side using the unique sleeve and set screw system to allow “offset” hilling and cultivating. This garden bedder attachment can be used:

* To create raised beds for planting
* As a field cultivator by adding sweep attachments
* For finishing fields and preparing seedbeds after primary tillage


To use this garden bedder/disc hiller/cultivator attachment, your tractor must have a 2 inch receiver hitch (like those found on SUV’s and trucks) attached to the three point hitch. The middle adapter of the toolbar simply inserts into the 2 inch receiver mounted on the tractor three point hitch. Once attached, the garden bedder is now part of the three point hitch system and will raise and lower with the tractor’s hydraulic system, making it work just like a standard 3 point hiller attachment.


Comes standard with a super durable finish in your choice of Green -G (matches John Deere Green),Black -B, Orange -O (matches Kubota Orange), or Red -R (matches Massey Ferguson) environmentally friendly powder coat. Select color when ordering.

H2TBD-B – Black (Discs Only)
H2TBD-G – Green (Discs Only)
H2TBD-O – Orange (Discs Only)
H2TBD-R – Red (Discs Only)

H2TBDS-B – Black (Discs, S-tines)
H2TBDS-G – Green (Discs, S-tines)
H2TBDS-O – Orange (Discs, S-tines)
H2TBDS-R – Red (Discs, S-tines)

H2TBDI-B – Black (Discs and Row Maker Insert)
H2TBDI-G – Green (Discs and Row Maker Insert)
H2TBDI-O – Orange (Discs and Row Maker Insert)
H2TBDI-R – Red (Discs and Row Maker Insert)

H2TBDSI-B – Black (Discs, S-tines, Row Maker Insert)
H2TBDSI-G – Green (Discs, S-tines, Row Maker Insert)
H2TBDSI-O – Orange (Discs, S-tines, Row Maker Insert)
H2TBDSI-R – Red (Discs, S-tines, Row Maker Insert)




Cultivator / Garden Bedder / Hiller Attachment Details:

  • Heavy wall toolbar is 48″ wide and is constructed of 2X2 inch heavy wall square tube
  • Fully adjustable 14″ disc hiller clamps so your sub-compact tractor can easily tackle wider, flatter hills or narrower taller hills
  • Optional row maker insert makes plant or seed ready, one pass, bed
  • Attaches to a 2” automotive style receiver
  • Unique “sleeve” design allows you to easily adjust the toolbar from side-to-side
  • Lightweight; no heavy 3 point hitch frame
  • Breaks down for easy storage in a cabinet or on the wall
  • Compatible with most off the shelf clamps for a 2″ toolbar
  • Can be used to mount various soil conditioning attachments
  • Works just like a 3 point hiller attachment when coupled with the Heavy Hitch modular hitch system


Please call us 1-888-337-8999 or email us if you have any questions.


SKUs (Discs Only): H2TBD-B, H2TBD-G, H2TBD-O, H2TBD-R


SKUs (Discs, S-tines): H2TBDS-B, H2TBDS-G, H2TBDS-O, H2TBDS-R


SKUs (Discs, Row Maker Insert): H2TBDI-B, H2TBDI-G, H2TBDI-O, H2TBDI-R


SKUs (Discs, S-tines, Row Maker Insert): H2TBDSI-B, H2TBDSI-G, H2TBDSI-O, H2TBDSI-R


Designs, specifications, features and information are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 15 × 6 in

Black, Green (matches John Deere Green), Orange (matches Kubota Orange), Red (matches Massey Ferguson Red)

Available Tools

Discs Only, Discs, S-tines, Discs, S-tines, Row Maker Insert, Discs, Row Maker Insert


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