Ripper / Middle Buster Plow / Subsoiler Plow / Potato Plow

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Our Ripper / Middle Buster Plow / Subsoiler Plow / Potato Plow is the perfect sub compact tractor attachment for super deep soil conditioning and installing wire or water lines. This 3 Point Ripper has multiple depth settings and is quick and easy to adjust based on your plowing needs. The 5/8″ Grade 2 bolts provide breakage protection and will sheer if you hit an immovable object.

Compatible with Category 0 and Category 1 3 point hitches with 2” receiver adapters.

When ordering, choose your options (Standard Shank or Combo Shank) and color preferences: Green (matches John Deere Green), Black, Orange (matches Kubota Orange)

HRAS-B – Black, Standard Shank
HRAS-G – Green, Standard Shank
HRAS-O – Orange, Standard Shank

HRACS-B – Black, Combo Shank
HRACS-G – Green, Combo Shank
HRACS-O – Orange, Combo Shank

SKU: HRAS Category:


All Heavy Hitch products are made in the USA by a Minnesota company you can trust. Be confident in the quality and longevity of our products – we use only American made steel and certified welders.

Ripper/ Middle Buster Plow/ Subsoiler Plow/ Potato Plow Details:

  • Standard length shank is 18”.

  • Optional combo shank is 28″ long, T1 steel and comes with a bolt-on 11″ furrower / ditcher / potato plow as well and replaceable ripper tooth.

Please call us 1-888-337-8999 or email us if you have any questions.

SKUs (Standard Shank): HRAS-B, HRAS-G, HRAS-O


Designs, specifications, features and information are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 2 in

Standard Shank, Combo Shank


Black, Green (matches John Deere Green), Orange (matches Kubota Orange)

11 reviews for Ripper / Middle Buster Plow / Subsoiler Plow / Potato Plow

  1. Jay E.

    Is this compatible to a Kubota BX 2380. If so how does it hook up?

  2. Mark Coontz (verified owner)

    Fantastic!!!…..Best piece of equipment I have ever bought.
    Made my life so much easier.

  3. Michael King (verified owner)

    My property is wooded and very rocky. I was surprised at the size of the roots and rocks I can pull out with the 18 inch ripper. The 28 inch plow is digging trenches. I use these with a John Deere 318 cat 0 3 point or a JD 316 sleeve hitch. (Hint) If you run into a large rock or tough root, use the hydraulic lift to pull the rock up or snap the root off.
    Greg is the go-to guy

  4. Craig Heller

    Can you attach this directly to a 2 inch receiver on an atv?

    • Heavy Hitch (verified owner)

      Yes you could. This will plug into any standard 2″ automotive style receiver.

  5. Edward M Mazzola (verified owner)

    Where can I order replacement Shear Bolts?


  6. Ed (verified owner)

    Question about Shear Bolt Replacement. Where can I find or order a replacement? I do not expect to bend/or break these but it makes sense to have a replacement available.


    • Heavy Hitch (verified owner)

      The shear bolts are 5/8″ grade 2 bolts that are 2.5″ long and should be able to be sourced at any local hardware store that has bulk hardware.

  7. MedB (verified owner)

    Follow Up…
    Ok, pretty impressive. So along with great product as always, an example of great customer service. And handled right away over the weekend too. Heavy Hitch just earned my future business.
    Please change my rating to five stars. Thank you.

  8. MedB (verified owner)

    They make great stuff but twice now had ordering or shipping issues. This time it was removing an already accepted coupon code AFTER it showed the discount in cart and hitting proceed to finalize. Only $9 but still it’s the point you know?

    • Greg Parnow (verified owner)

      Sorry to hear about the issue with the discount code. Some discount codes are single use only and that may have been the issue. I went ahead and refunded back the amount of the discount and apologize for the inconvenience.

  9. barefootblake (verified owner)

    Very well built, works great if the ground isn’t frozen solid, just couldn’t wait to try it.

  10. rj_beem (verified owner)

    I found this to be the perfect compliment to my rototiller. A pass every 24” finds most of the things that I wouldn’t want to run my expensive tiller across.
    I like that it is easier to store than a dedicated 3 point ripper.

  11. Noel Voos

    Took a chance and bought the $99 standard shank to loosen clay soil in my yard. This thing is built on old American standards – well made, solid materials – and does exactly what it is supposed to. The only thing I didn’t see in the package was a piece of paper advising which grade of bolt to replace the sacrificial one with should the ripper hook into a large root or rock, and shear, as it is designed to – but I just took it the local farm store and matched the grade code on the hexhead. Glad I did not but the one at the local tractor store – reviews of those indicated they bent easily or simply broke – and cost more!

    100% full satisfied customer. If you need a ripper/subsoiler – LOOK NO FURTHER!

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