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Received heavy hitch standard ripper…

Received heavy hitch standard ripper. Shipping was super fast. Called Greg after placing order and he gladly answered all my questions about the ripper and how to bury cable with it. I then proceeded to bury my first 250 ft long cable to my tractor shed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and how fast I did it. After cable was installed, I drove the tractor over the trench to push it back down. I started trenching at 8:30 pm and by 9 pm the tractor was in the shed and I was in the house. Very, very pleased!! Can’t hardly tell the ground was sliced open. Doing this with a shovel would take 4-5 hrs, would have made a big mess, and would have to plant grass over the trench. 
The build quality of this product is excellent!
The customer service is top notch! Greg even emailed me to make sure I was happy, and to call if I had any questions.
I will be doing more business with “Heavy Hitch” in the future. – Dave Buscherfeld, WI

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