Ripper / Sub-Soiler / Potato Plow / Middle Buster

Heavy Hitch Ripper / Sub-Soiler / Potato Plow / Middle Buster

You can order just the attachment alone and get your own shank or you can order it with the 18″ shank or the 28″ combo shank.

  • This Heavy Hitch Ripper has multiple depth settings
  • Adjustments are quick and easy
  • 5/8″ Grade 2 bolts provide breakage protection and sheer if an immovable object is struck
  • This is the perfect attachment for super deep soil conditioning and for installing wire or water lines
  • This ripper will work with category 0 and category 1 three point hitches with 2″ receiver adapters
  • As with all Heavy Hitch attachments, the ripper is built to last, made in America using only American made steel
  • Available in John Deere Green, Satin Black or Kubota Orange

Options Explained

18″ Ripper Shank

  • 4 Hole adjustable height
  • Will also work as a replacement scarifer for many box blade brands




New Combo Shank28″ Combo Ripper / Middle Buster

  • Use for deep soil penetration or furrowing
  • Includes a Grade 50 steel laser cut 28″ long X 3/4″ thick, 6 hole adjustable steel shank, bolt on ripper tooth and a 12″ furrower / potato plow
  • Great for trenching / ditching for cables, water lines, electrical and gardening
  • Also works good for hilling and harvesting vegetables