Universal Category 1 Receiver Hitch and Offset Suitcase Weights Bracket for 3 Point Hitch

Universal Category 1 Suitcase Weight Bracket Receiver Hitch
Super upgrade standard
Works with John Deere 42# and 70# suitcase weights
Compatible with Kubota 55# weights


Universal Category 1 Three Point Receiver Hitch and Offset Suitcase Weights Bracket for Three Point Hitches.  The 3.5″ wide weight bracket is OFFSET to the side of the receiver allowing taller weights to be used and allows weights to hang down past the lower tube.  If you intend to only use 42# suitcase weights, use this hitch instead:

Category 1 Receiver Hitch and Suitcase Weights Bracket for 3 Point Hitch



  • Weight bracket compatible with 55# Kubota suitcase weights, 42# and 70# John Deere suitcase weights and other suitcase weights!
  • SUPER DUTY hitch option standard (3/16″ wall thickness 3″ X 3″ lower tube opposed to 1/8″)
  • Includes welded 3/8″ chain hook on hitch receiver
  • Solid American made steel so you can be ensured your hitch will last for many years
  • Constructed of 3/8″ thick, laser cut, steel plate and 3″ square box tubing…no cheap angle iron and straps!
  • Product is made in the USA (Wisconsin) so you are guaranteed top quality
  • Welded by certified welders to ensure quality, durability and safety
  • Comes in John Deere GreenSatin Black or Kubota Orange to match your tractor’s color
  • Customer support is only a call or email away if you need assistance
  • Works with standard category 1 three point hitch or most quick hitches and iMatch

Options explained

Suitcase Weight Options

Weight bracket is compatible with 55# Kubota suitcase weights. 55# weight will have 55lB or 5011 stamped on the side.





Weight bracket is also compatible with 42# and 70# suitcase weights from John Deere and others.




Heavy-Hitch-16Combo Cart

Gives you a safe place to store your suitcase weights in the event you want to use your Heavy Hitch without the weights. Can also place Heavy Hitch and weights together on cart as one unit for easy storage. Cart will be the same color as the hitch color you select


Quick Hitch Bushings

Fits most category 1 quick hitches. Converts category 1 lift pins to category 3.  Also includes category 1 to category 2 upper pin bushing.



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