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The 5 Top Uses for a 3-in-1 Sub-Compact Tow Hitch

After the family dog, some people consider their sub-compact tractor or ATV their best friend. If you love your trusty best machine, here’s a way to help her be an even more capable companion.

Changing hitches to pull various trailers or implements for the dozens of jobs that it will do can be a frustrating time kill.

With a 3-in-1 tow hitch, your faithful friend goes right back to saving the day, making life easier, and lightening loads without skipping a beat.

Most companies with sub-compact hitches on the market promote the standard rotating 3-in-1 ball hitch, with three different size balls to fit most every size towing vehicle. But the versatility of one brand’s all-in-one hitch stood out: that of Minnesota’s Heavy Hitch.

Heavy Hitch has an attachment for sub-compact trailers and ATV’s that virtually eliminates the need to ever stop and change hitches for a vast array of lawn and garden jobs.

This Heavy Hitch 3-In-1 Combines The Traditional Ball Hitch With A Clevis Mount And A Tow Hook, All Of This In One Unit That Simply Can Be Rotated In The Tractor Shank, Based On Needs. Take A Look:

The top five most practical jobs around the lawn and garden, all served by this 3-in-1 without going back to the shed, barn or headquarters, illustrates the new level of ease and practicality this accessory has introduced.

1. Clearing, Grading and Leveling a Lot

Let’s say you want to clear a lot that’s full of stumps, roots, and rocks. A good old-fashioned chain was the answer for generations, used intermittently with other pull-behind implements to grade or level a lot. The tow hook feature of the Heavy Hitch 3-in-1 makes on-and-off with trailers easy, re-employing chains that may have gotten lost through frustrating attempts to bind them to a ball hitch.

On a sidenote: Viewers of a simple Granworks Workshop video admit the surprising frustration even savvy farmers have had using a chain, showing how to properly insert it to the grab hook. With the hook facing up on the Heavy Hitch version, the draped chain falls toward the trailing implement, and gravity holds it in place.



Every step in preparing the ground, planting grass and fertilizing it can be done without changing this 3-in-1. Add dirt from a trailer to smooth out low pockets of a lawn. Aerate with a pulled implement, then fertilize and seed, all from the same sub-compact tractor or ATV, employing the same practical hitch.



Most of us love to help rescue friends, neighbors or total strangers with vehicles stuck in a snowy ditch, in a muddy hole, or on a slippery slope. But do we have the strong and flexible means to do it? With your grab hook hitch, you’ll have the options of pulling with a chain, tow strap or metal cable.

Of course whether you have a Category 1 (20-45 horsepower) tractor or a Category 2 (capable of 40-100 horsepower) may determine how you approach this, or whether you even take the job. But the tow hook gives you a quick and easy way to find out just how stuck that truck or car is! And maybe you’ll be a hero for a day.

4. Removing Dirt, Grass and Snow

Of course the most monotonous work is also just the turn of a key away with a ready tractor, trailer and hitch to pull away piles of snow, leaves or grass clippings in the winter, summer or fall. Previously you may have chosen to pull that tarp of leaves to the burn pile rather than taking time to find and change the hitch, and load piles onto the trailer.




When cultivating a garden, tilling soil, planting or harvesting, a 2-tang U-shaped clevis mount, with or without a cotter pin, may be your best option. The vertical action on the ball hitch over bumpy ground or uneven soil can cause it to loosen, making the bolt-fastened clevis attachment and mount preferable.


Heavy Hitch’s unit includes only one tang-arm projection, and its compact design may not extend as far as desired from the hitch unit. Heavy Hitch does have longer draw bar units with 2 tangs, but that is a single unit:

If you do go with a Heavy Hitch product, you can count on made-in-U.S.A., industrial-quality steel and the most durable black paint, served up by a family-run business with snappy customer service. All in all, the number of tasks that can be accomplished with just one more 90-degree turn of you new 3-in-1 hitch — without having to look for that evasive single hitch or stop for dinner — are enormous!

If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQs or contact us today.

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