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Tips for Easier Tractor Starting in Winter  

One thing’s for sure, around the farm, not all tasks are seasonal. Some have the luxury of winterizing their tractor, draining the fluids, and storing it for the winter. Unfortunately, many are not so fortunate.

If you depend on your tractor throughout the winter, you need it to start right away so that you spend less time out in the cold. Your tractor is just like your car, truck, or van. If you don’t use it for a few days in the Minnesota winter, it won’t start right up every time. 

Here are a few tips you can use to help your tractor start right away.

Keep the Battery in a Warm Place  

The battery acid is water-based; therefore, if it sits out in the cold for days even when fully charged, it may not provide the power to start your tractor without a boost. 

Store the battery in a warm place and give it a slight charge for an hour or so before you have to use it. 

Store the Tractor in a Warm Place

This solution is perhaps perfect, although not always feasible. Nevertheless, that might be the better option than taking the battery out. Store the tractor in a warm place with ample space, like a heated garage or barn. 

Even when you keep the garage or barn at a moderate temperature for the animals, that is much better than throwing a tarp over the tractor. 

Use an Engine Block Heater

When storing your tractor in a heated garage or barn is not an option, use a block heater. 

Typical block heaters are small attachments that keep the engine block warm or a rod that replaces the dipstick and warms the engine oil. Usually, these are powered by an electrical charge, so you might need to park your tractor within reach of an electrical outlet.

Park Out of the Wind & Use an Insulated Cover if Possible  

When none of the above options are available, park the tractor in a spot that typically doesn’t get much wind or on the sheltered side of a garage or barn, facing East so that it gets the morning sun to warm it up even when the weather is cold. This tip might not be one of many benefits on cloudy days, but it won’t hurt.

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