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What Are the Benefits of Cultivator Sets?

Heavy Hitch cultivators sets are tools used in cultivation to disrupt weeds’ root systems and work on the soil to loosen it up so that plants can access more nutrients.  

What Are Cultivators? 

Most modern cultivators are tractor attachments that break up the top layer of soil, uproot weeds, and aerate the soil to get it ready for planting and various other chores.    

The advantage of cultivators sets is that you can chop weeds, furrow, shape, hip, and cultivate rows with the same tools in one pass.

Heavy Hitch cultivator set tools include:

Disc Bedders

The Heavy Hitch 14” disc bedders with 16” shanks are attached with U-bolts. Disc bedders are used to create furrowed beds, raised hips, or “hippers” to plant crops.

The Heavy Hitch disc bedder tool uses two or three 14” discs attached to a Heavy Hitch two-inch heavy frame toolbar. 

S-Tine Springs

S-tine springs are used to loosen topsoil for planting. These tools vibrate to disturb the soil and eliminate weeds. This Heavy Hitch tool has coil springs to minimize shocks and boost your toolbars lifespan.  

Row Makers/Furrowers

Row makers or furrowers have pointed edges that easily penetrate the soil. These are used to prepare a planting field’s soil and kill weeds as you go.

Row makers can till the soil down a few inches, pulverize and break up hard soils, and prep it for the disc bedder during the same pass. You won’t need to use additional fuel to make another run.

Whether you decide to use these singularly or altogether, Heavy Hitch cultivator sets can make your gardening tasks quicker and simpler.

Why Use Cultivator Sets?

1. To break up compacted soil and prevent the development of large clumps of soil that you would have a hard time working with later.

2. To chop up weeds so that your field will have fewer weed problems when you plant your seeds or transplant crops.

3. When you find your soil more challenging to work than the average field’s soil, you can find cultivator sets as tractor attachments explicitly designed for specific soil types and conditions.

4. You can use a cultivator set to make your gardening projects quicker and easier while simultaneously making the soil richer.

5. Cultivator sets are also used for mulching, mixing fertilizers, and adding nitrogen and other nutrients.

6. You can customize the angle and depth for each attachment to enhance many growing environments and crops.

You can accomplish these in one run with these cultivator set attachments.

Final Thoughts About Cultivator Sets

Heavy Hitch cultivator sets could be the remedy if you’re looking for an excellent way to till your soil and make it more manageable.

You’ll save time and fuel breaking up soil clumps, making rows, and making your field more manageable. These tools are also great for preparing your soil for planting seeds and transplants.

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