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What’s the difference between a “Super” Heavy Hitch and a “Standard” Heavy Hitch?

Steel Comparison

I’ve had a number of people ask me what the difference is between the “Super” and the “Standard” Heavy Hitches so I hope this post will shed some light!  When we first started manufacturing the Heavy Hitch three point receiver adapter and suitcase weight bracket, we never imagined using it for other than moving trailers and holding suitcase weights to provide ballast, so we designed the Heavy Hitch to be the best built trailer mover and tractor ballast box money could buy…BUT…people began finding other uses for the Heavy Hitch…uses not figured into the original design…using ground engaging implements!  Knowing that a lot of us like to push our sub-compact and compact tractors to their limits, we decided we needed to design a hitch that would allow tractor owners the ability to do that.  Along came the “Super” Heavy Hitch.  SO, just what is the difference?  Wall thickness. The wall thickness of the lower tube which is a full 3? X 3? square with a receiver tube fully welded right in the middle of it.  We beefed up the wall thickness on the “Super” Heavy Hitch to 3/16? .  This tractor hitch is indestructible!  Remember, this tractor hitch is not made out of angle iron and flat strap!  Here’s a picture to illustrate the difference in wall thickness.  The “Standard” Heavy Hitch on the left and the “Super” on the right.

Now one may ask why not make all the Heavy Hitches “Super” and the answer is simple: Choice!  We believe you should have a choice and not have to pay for what you don’t need.  Both the “Standard” and the “Super” Heavy Hitch three point tractor hitches are built to standards higher than many original equipment manufactures, so no matter which one you choose, you’re getting a quality three point accessory.  Heavy Hitch…a quality three point hitch adapter for a reasonable price that isn’t cheap!

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