Your John Deere 6120R tractor needs a
Category 2 Hitch... and here's why...

Your John Deere 6R Series 6120R Utility Tractor will be ready to take on literally anything with the Heavy Hitch Category 2 Hitch because our hitches are designed with precision and high-quality made-in-the-USA materials.

Category 2 Hitch + John Deere Review

"The Category 2 Heavy Hitch is a great tool... I use it with six 42lb weights for counter ballast when plowing or snowblowing. In the summer it stays attached more often than not for the ease of use pulling carts or moving my trailers around. Heck, this spring I pulled out 15 bushes and shrubs with the hook and chain! Love my Heavy Hitch!"
Matthew W.
Verified Owner

Heavy Hitch Cat 2 Hitch

John Deere 6120R


How to measure for a Category 2 Hitch

Grab your tape measure and head over to your garage or wherever it is you keep your John Deere.

What you’re looking for is your tractor’s lower hitch points (see diagram).

There are two spots to measure to double-check if a Category 2 Hitch is the right one for you:

  1. The pin diameter – 1 & 1/8 in. (29 mm)
  2. The lower point span – 34 in. (860 mm)

How they work together

Our heavy-duty three-point hitch system is designed to transfer the weight and resistance of an added-on tractor attachment to the drive wheels of the tractor. This gives the tractor more usable traction than it would otherwise have, given the same power, weight, and fuel consumption.

John Deere tractors are built for comfort and durability. When you add our hitch to the back of your John Deere 6120R, you’ve upgraded to a machine that can do anything.

How durable are your Hitches and will they bend my hitch receiver?

3-Point Hitches are manufactured by a variety of companies at different thicknesses, using different grades of steel. Some owners have been concerned about the wear and tear on their tractors.

This is one reason Heavy Hitch has become a stand-out alternative, as seen in an online tour of their factory in Winona, Minnesota (see video).

“We have nothing to hide,” said Schell. Our steel is made in America and built to last. In fact, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Our steel tool bar blades last 3 or 4 times longer than most standard tool bars.”

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Category 2 Hitch + John Deere Review

"This thing is solid and steady. Very well built. I will purchase more from Heavy Hitch in the future."
Douglas H.
Verified Owner