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Winter Maintenance & Storage Tips for Your Tractor from Heavy Hitch

In the realm of farming, it is evident that not all tasks adhere to seasonal patterns. While some fortunate individuals have the luxury of preparing their tractors for winter by emptying fluids and securely storing them, some others are not bestowed with such convenience.

For those heavily reliant on their tractors during the winter months, an immediate start is crucial to minimize exposure to the cold. Like your personal car, truck, or van, neglecting to use the tractor for a few days in the harsh Minnesota winter may result in difficulty starting it up consistently.

Here are a few suggestions from Heavy Hitch that you should use to assist in starting your tractor even in the coldest Minnesota weather.

Battery Maintenance Is Crucial for Optimal Performance & Longevity

Keeping your tractor’s battery in good condition is essential during the cold winter weather.

The battery acid in tractors is primarily water-based, which means that if the battery is left exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period, it may lose its power and require assistance to start the tractor.

We recommend storing the battery in a warm place, away from cold wind and freezing temperatures, to prevent this issue. Doing so can help maintain the battery’s capacity and prevent any potential damage caused by extreme cold.

Additionally, before you plan to use the battery, it is advisable to give it a slight charge for about an hour or so. This quick charge allows the battery to regain its optimal power and readiness for starting the tractor.

By following these simple steps of keeping the battery in a warm place and providing it with a brief charge before usage, you can ensure your tractor’s battery remains in top-notch condition, ready to deliver the necessary power whenever needed.  

Keep Your Tractor Inside if Possible

This solution is ideal, though it isn’t always practical.

However, it might still be a better option than removing the battery.

If possible, store the tractor in a warm and spacious area, such as a heated barn or garage.

Even if you only keep the barn at a moderate temperature for the animals, it is still better and more convenient than covering your tractor with a tarp.

Consider a Block Heater for the Engine

Consider utilizing an engine block heater if you cannot store your tractor in a heated garage or barn.

These block heaters are commonly found as small attachments designed to maintain the engine block’s warmth or as rods that replace the dipstick and warm the engine oil.

These devices often operate on electrical power, necessitating the need to position your tractor near an accessible electrical outlet.

Keep Your Tractor Out of the Wind

If you don’t have a garage or a shed to park your tractor in and an insulated cover is not an option, you can still take measures to protect your tractor from wind damage.

Try parking it in an area typically shielded from strong winds or on the sheltered side of a garage or barn.

If possible, face it toward the east so that it receives the morning sun to warm it up even on colder days. While this tip may not provide many benefits on cloudy days, it certainly won’t hurt to follow it.

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