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Winter Tractor Maintenance Tips & Pointers

Although some tractor maintenance can be a DIY project for the mechanically inclined, some maintenance should only be completed by qualified tractor mechanics to avoid problems and possibly void your warranty.

Much like your car, your tractor needs winterizing to run at peak performance. However, unlike your car, your tractor doesn’t typically get used daily. If you don’t intend to use your tractor at all during the winter, talk to your mechanic about draining the fluids if you don’t feel confident about doing it yourself.   

How Do You Know the Difference Between DIY & Trusted Mechanic? 

In many cases, the only way to know whether you can safely conduct maintenance on your tractor without voiding the warranty is to ask. That’s why we say, “trusted mechanic.”

Store Your Tractor Inside Whenever Possible

Although you might not always have indoor storage available, when you do, be sure to use it as much as possible. When you need to leave your tractor outdoors, cover it with a tarp to prevent the Minnesota winter’s ice and snow hazards.

Conduct Pre-Use or Before Operations Maintenance Checks

Before starting your tractor, you should check fluid levels and do a walk-around of your tractor. Especially if you don’t use it every day—check all your hoses for cracks or worn conditions to avoid costly repairs.

While you’re there, check for signs of “nesting.” In the cold weather, animals will build a nest in the engine compartment, and starting the engine could cause severe damage to the animal and your equipment.

Check areas that require lubrication, fuel, oil, coolants, battery functions, and the undercarriage. These checks will also help to ensure no pets or wild animals are sheltering under your tractor.  

Keep Your Tractor Clean

After use and before you store your tractor, do a thorough cleaning to remove caked-on mud, salt, snow, ice, and dirt. The corrosion you see on many vehicles in northern states is caused by salt and other chemicals used to keep the roads clear.

Allow Your Tractor Time to Warm-Up Before Use

Just like the family car, your tractor will operate a lot smoother and more efficiently if you allow it to warm up before adding the stress snowplowing or pulling objects with it.   

Call or Stop by Heavy Hitch for Tractors & Attachments 

The professionals at Heavy Hitch have a toll-free number, 1-888-337-8999, for your convenience or find a store location near you.    

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