The 5 Top Uses for a 3-in-1 Sub-Compact Tow Hitch

After the family dog, some people consider their sub-compact tractor or ATV their best friend. If you love your trusty best machine, here’s a way to help her be an even more capable companion. Changing hitches to pull various trailers or implements for the dozens of jobs that it will do can be a frustrating […]

How to choose and install a tractor snow plow cutting edge replacement blade

You bought your tractor snow plow blade to save time this winter–and backaches! So don’t give yourself a headache in the middle of the next ‘snowmaggedon’ with a busted cutting edge. Tiny but mighty, the cutting edge on your tractor snow plow blade is a thin, durable strip made of metal or polyethylene. The cutting […]

3 Keys to Using a Ripper/Subsoiler and Potato Plow

For subcompact tractor owners, the ripper, middle buster (potato plow), and subsoiler all-in-one attachment may already be the favorite multi-purpose extension for gardening or trench digging. Multiply its value and versatility with these additional tips from leading subcompact hitch manufacturer Heavy Hitch. 1. The ripper is a beast to pop rocks and cut roots, but […]

5 Things to Look for in a Bucket Tooth Bar Tractor Attachment

Skid- and track-loaders can be fun to drive, but as an all-purpose machine that tackles tougher projects, its functionality can be limited and frustrating. Are heavier and thornier demands making you consider investing in a larger machine? Hold on a minute. You may be surprised to know how you can extend your tractor’s capabilities with […]

Tractor Suitcase Weights

What You Need to Know Tractor suitcase weights are common items used to add weight for traction and grip – also known as ballast – to your sub-compact, compact, and standard tractor. This is needed because anything that causes a shift in the center of gravity of your tractor, such as uneven ground, can cause […]

McCullough Implement Co. in Watseka, Illinois Now Offering Heavy Hitch Products!

We’re happy to announce McCullough Implement Co. in Watseka, Illinois is now carrying Heavy Hitch products. Visit them in person here: 1966 North State Route 1Watseka, Illinois 60970 Or, visit their website at: McCullough Implement Company. “Established in 1940, more than three generations of the McCullough Family have worked to bring you the very best […]