F.A.Q About Our Compact Tractor Attachments

What kind of tractor suitcase weights will fit on the Heavy Hitch?

The Heavy Hitch will accept John Deere 42# suitcase weights and MTD suitcase weights and other manufacturers weights.

Where can suitcase weights be purchased?

Suitcase weights can be purchased on our website, at any John Deere dealer, other implement dealers or they are also available through Home Depot and Lowe’s.

How many suitcase weights will the Heavy Hitch handle?

The category 0 hitch will accept up to 6 suitcase weights and the category 1 will accept up to 8.

Do the suitcase weights need to be placed on the Heavy Hitch in a specific direction?

No. The Heavy Hitch is designed to have the suitcase weights hang either toward or away from the tractor depending on the clearance available.

Will the Heavy Hitch work with the John Deere I-Match system and a regular 3 point hitch?

Yes. The Heavy Hitch is designed and built to meet the ASAE Category 1 standard S278.6…the same standard the John Deere I-Match is built to.

Are the correct pins included with the Heavy Hitch?

Yes. The lower pins are included with the Heavy Hitch for standard 3 point mounting.  If you have an I-Match system, you will need to get the adapter bushings for the lower pins in order for the Heavy Hitch to fit correctly.

How much does the Heavy Hitch weigh?

The category 0 weighs 31# up to 38# and the category 1 weighs 41# up to 50# depending on options

Can the receiver still be used even if the weights are hanging away from the tractor?

Yes. The Heavy Hitch’s receiver is placed so no matter which way the weights are hanging, the receiver can still be used.

What size is the receiver on the Heavy Hitch?

The Heavy Hitch has a 2” receiver on both the category 0 and category 1 model. This means they will accept most truck receiver tubes and tractor accessories including: spreaders, racks, baskets and hitch tubes.

I already have suitcase weights that aren’t the recommended style, will they work on the Heavy Hitch?

Maybe. Many manufactures’ use the same style molds for their weights, but will use a little variation to make them incompatible with another manufacturers equipment. Heavy Hitch can build a hitch designed to work with your weights, just email or give us a call.

Are Heavy Hitch compact tractor attachments available in stores?

No not at this time, but it can be purchased direct from us in Winona, MN to save shipping costs.