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Heavy Hitch has more uses then just trailer pulling and ballasting

Many times when I am away from the shop I wished I had a Vise for some job. So this is what I did. This will work on any standard 2″ receiver – on a pick-up ,my JD Gator or in this case back of my tractor in a Heavy Hitch. I took a standard 2″ receiver hitch (photo 1 & 2) and then welded a 1/4″ plate steel on it. (Photo3 & 4). Then bolted a Vise base to it. (Photo 5)

The place vise on base plate and now I can turn vise any where I need. (Photo 6) or I can lay vise down flat on base. (photo 7) The Vise came with adopter for Off-Set and Angle which is in Photo 8




David Pidgeon

New Haven, Vermont

If you have a new idea using your Heavy Hitch or just want to show off your tractor and hitch, feel free to send them and we’ll post them for everyone to see!

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